Storcom was founded two decades ago by Jeff James and Dave Kluger. Unlike most managed IT services companies at the time, both Jeff and Dave had a unique vision to bring technical sales and support to the forefront of an opportunity and do what’s right for the customer above all else. They understood that the mid-tier enterprise space has very distinct needs than Fortune 500 and smaller organizations. Since mid-tier organizations are market innovators looking for an edge, they are early adopters of technology. Early adopters often mix best-of-breed technologies over the more conservative, single-manufacturer approach, and Storcom found its niche with these trailblazing companies. Dave and Jeff’s novel approach to business has transcended the ever-changing IT landscape for over two decades. Storcom was an early adopter of Nimble Storage, VMware, SimpliVity, Compellent, Commvault, Data Domain, Zerto, and many more emerging solutions in information technology.

Dave and Jeff continue to have a keen eye for new players in the industry, and consistently position themselves ahead of the competition by offering the latest and greatest products and IT solutions to Storcom’s clients, and adding talented employees to grow the organization. While Storcom has grown exponentially in the past 20 years, Jeff (left) and Dave (right) still play an integral role in daily operations.


“As a company, we decided to not push hardware but to build a relationship and simply provide the same data and conclusion the client would have come to themselves if they had the time and resources.”

Dave Kluger – CTO, Storcom