Data Center Specifications


Your data is your company’s most valuable asset. If a disaster strikes and you do not have a disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) strategy in place, then you are playing Russian Roulette with the future of your company. Learn how you can save money on protecting your data. Back up your data with Storcom. Storcom’s Chicagoland Tier III data center in Lombard, IL is a type II audited facility. Storcom’s data center specifications are of the highest caliber.

Storcom’s Recover by Storcom™ solution can save your business thousands in the event of a disaster. While you may not be able to foresee an accident or a ransomware attack, you can rest assured that your critical data is safe with Storcom in one of our data centers. Storcom also has a colocation option called WorkSpace Recovery™. This offering provides you access to your backups at one of our data centers.

Storcom’s Chicagoland data center has the following specifications and capabilities:

Storcom's tier 3 data center specifications image