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“Storcom provides a roadmap to cloud enablement through the public cloud providers, while also empowering clients with the flexibility to store data in a private cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud model.” – Dave Kluger, CTO, Storcom

Everyone is talking about moving and securing their data in the Cloud. With so many cloud options, from public to private and hybrid, having a cloud strategy is paramount before embarking on a migration. Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap will ensure you can get to the Cloud – securely, and cost-effectively.

Cloud migration is one of those things that’s easier said than done. From defining an overall strategy, to navigating the intricacies of data migration, most companies struggle with the challenges. Without a solid cloud framework and strategy, many companies will find that cloud computing expensive seem out of control. This is where cloud planning is critical. to ensuring cloud budgets stay reasonable.

At Storcom, we’ve built an entire practice dedicated to cloud migration and support. With our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ methodology, we can help your organization Evolve to the Cloud:

  • First, we’ll consult with you on goals, assess your workloads and how they’re used, even review interdependencies between your apps, data, infrastructure, and processes.
  • Next, we’ll identify all the possibilities for deploying your workloads in the cloud, and create a cost-benefit analysis of your migration and ongoing management options.
  • Finally, we’ll recommend a Cloud Enablement Roadmap and overall cloud adoption strategy that takes advantage of public, private, multi, or hybrid cloud solutions – ensuring security is at the forefront of our design.


Storcom is a high-touch cloud solutions provider, and that means that we invest the necessary time in your questions, concerns, and walk you through the entire cloud strategy creation process to ensure your satisfaction. We understand that a cloud enablement strategy is critical to a seamless cloud migration.

With a trusted partner like Storcom, you can more effectively navigate the pitfalls commonly associated with migrating to the Cloud and build a Cloud Enablement Roadmap that’s tailored to your unique goals and requirements.

Storcom’s Cloud Migration Process

Storcom consults with you on goals, assesses your workloads and how they’re used, and reviews interdependencies between your apps, data, infrastructure, and processes.


Storcom identifies all the possibilities for deploying your workloads in the Cloud, and creates a cost-benefit analysis of your migration and ongoing management options.


Storcom recommends an overall strategy that takes advantage of public, private, multi, or hybrid cloud solutions in our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ deliverable– ensuring data security and protection is at the forefront of our design.

Why Storcom?

Storcom is a high-touch data solutions provider, and that means that we invest the necessary time in your questions, concerns, and walk you through the entire cloud enablement process to ensure your satisfaction. We are subject matter experts on cloud adoption and cloud migration, and we know how crucial it is to start off any cloud enablement project on the right foot. We understand that the cornerstone of cloud enablement is creating a cloud migration strategy. With a trusted partner like Storcom, you can more effectively navigate the pitfalls commonly associated with migrating to the cloud and build a Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ that’s custom-tailored to your unique business goals and requirements.

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What is Cloud Enablement?

Cloud enablement is when an organization starts the process of creating, deploying, operating, and managing some (or most) of their business’ IT infrastructure, software, and technology resources in the Cloud. Cloud enablement, also known as cloud adoption, is a switch from in-house, on-prem, IT to a public, private, multi, or hybrid cloud environment.

Cloud enablement services are typically delivered by cloud computing solution providers or cloud service providers like Storcom. Cloud solution providers guide businesses to cloud enablement through strategies, planning, roadmaps, frameworks, and expert guidance. Cloud service providers will analyze your applications for cloud enablement. A cloud enablement strategy is paramount in the beginning of cloud enablement in order to have a successful cloud migration.

Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ Process

At Storcom, we’ve built an entire practice dedicated to cloud migration and support. With our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ methodology, we can help your organization evolve to the Cloud:

  • First, we’ll consult with you on goals, assess your workloads and applications and how they’re used, even review interdependencies between your applications, data, infrastructure, and processes.
  • Next, we’ll identify all the possibilities for migrating your workloads and applications in the cloud, and create a cost-benefit analysis of your migration and ongoing management options.
  • Finally, we’ll create a Roadmap and overall cloud enablement strategy deliverable that takes advantage of public, private, multi, or hybrid cloud solutions – ensuring security is at the forefront of our design.

Benefits of Cloud Enablement

Cloud is modernizing businesses remarkably with its range of diverse, on-demand services. The movement of businesses towards cloud enablement is the latest technology development.

Cloud computing is blooming and thriving in the tech world. Cloud enablement has become a huge game changer. Today, most businesses of all sizes are adopting cloud technology either partially or fully. Why is Cloud becoming so popular? What business benefits does it offer? Most importantly, do you need it?

Store lots of data – As data grows exponentially, businesses need a platform with massive storage capabilities. Cloud storage solves this problem without having to worry about developing a data center or maintaining it.

Improve productivity – Cloud computing is all about a third-party offering virtualization solutions; therefore, cloud saves a great deal of time and efforts involved in IT maintenance. This allows businesses to concentrate on core business operations.

Increase security – One of the key drawbacks of traditional data centers and applications is their vulnerability to cyber attacks. Cloud computing strengthens information security and minimizes a business’ risk by keeping data safe in a virtual, virus-free environment. A private cloud solution from a cloud services provider like Storcom can be one of the most secure methods of secure cloud enablement.

Reduce costs – A major benefit of switching to cloud computing is  cost-effectiveness. Since is hosted over the internet by a third-party, businesses can save large sums of money that would otherwise be spent on hardware equipment, software installation, and maintenance.

Because of the multiple benefits of cloud enablement, diverse offerings and agile features, businesses are switching from traditional systems and adopting cloud to optimize IT and business operations. However, cloud enablement is a huge business change, and should be carried out with a proper Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ strategy using implementation experts like Storcom.

There are many other benefits to adopting cloud enablement. The most notable advantages are:

  • Access any application on any device across the organization
  • Reduce business downtime
  • Streamline business operations
  • Reduce dependency on in-house IT personnel

Steps for Cloud Enablement

Cloud computing is the future of modern-day businesses. Cloud enablement is disrupting the world of IT with immense speed, data storage, and computing capabilities. If you are considering migrating to the cloud, then now is the right time! Here are some steps to take for adopting a cloud enablement strategy:

Determine Your Business’ Cloud Needs
The first step to any successful cloud enablement strategy is to understand your readiness to adopt cloud technologies. You must determine the areas or applications that need to be migrated prior to cloud enablement. Storcom would provide you with a thorough assessment of your business operations, current applications, and IT infrastructure. We then create a SWOT analysis of how the cloud computing can help optimize your business processes. Our cloud analysis and Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ solution will help you build a clear roadmap for cloud migration, how to allocate resources appropriately, and lastly how to implement Cloud technologies effectively and securely.

Plan Your Cloud Environment
The cloud world is large, and selecting the ideal solution or a mix of cloud solutions is critical. Cloud services categories are classified on the basis of location as public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud. Similarly, based on the service being offered, cloud computing is categorized into the following:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Database, etc.

The nature of your operations and Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ business assessment will help you decide the right mix of cloud solutions and technologies that will best suit your organization’s specific IT and business needs.

Select a Cloud Partner
Once you’re all set to move to Cloud, you need the right cloud service provider to help you migrate. With numerous options available in the market, this can be overwhelming and tricky to select the right cloud implementation partner. Cloud planning is not easy. The top cloud enablement service providers will have the right expertise, technical know-how, implementation experience, and the precise mix of cloud-based solutions your business needs.

Storcom is this trusted cloud enablement partner for many organizations. We have the technical acumen, experience, and we custom-tailor cloud enablement solutions for each of our clients.

Execute Your Cloud Enablement Strategy
Now comes the complexity in cloud computing: executing your cloud enablement strategy. A cloud solutions partner like Storcom will offer you a range of solutions, design a Cloud Enablement Roadmap™, and allocate IT resources appropriately to efficiently utilize IT spend. Before migrating an application or data center to the cloud, you must create a full backup of all the data that currently exists in your IT environment. The next step is to create a cloud environment with the right tools, connections, and networks. Once you have successfully set up the cloud environment, your next step is to migrate your data or application to the cloud without hindering and interrupting your regular business activities. Lastly, you must test your cloud performance to ensure that everything works as expected.

Maintain and Monitor Your Cloud(s)
Monitoring and maintaining a cloud-based platform is just as important as successfully implementing it. Businesses need to train their workforces to get accustomed to new platforms and technologies in order to manage the changes effectively. It is also important that you keep a track of your cloud environment, fix any issues, and maintain the networks throughout to ensure smooth performance. Storcom’s managed IT services can provide assurance that your public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment is functioning at its peak and eliminate your risk of downtime that can disrupt business operations.

Cloud Enablement FAQ

Learn more about cloud enablement with Storcom’s comprehensive library of definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.


What is a Cloud Adoption Framework?

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A “Cloud Adoption Framework” is a compilation of documents, implementation guidance, tips and best practices, and tools that make up a proven cloud enablement strategy from Storcom designed to help you Evolve to the Cloud™.


What are the Advantages of Using a Hybrid Cloud?

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The hybrid cloud allows for maximized IT utility, resilience, and agility. Public and private clouds have different areas where they each excel, so companies are able to reap the benefits of each platform when using a hybrid cloud solution. Private clouds enable organizations to scale up and down based on demand, which often comes with a lower cost, and private cloud solutions offer superior security and control. Some companies prefer that their critical data is stored in a private cloud, and other data and applications can be stored in a public cloud to lower cost. When using a hybrid cloud, your company is able to find the most suitable use cases for your IT environment and your cloud experience and utility is not limited by an either/or decision.


How Do We Migrate to a Multi-Cloud Environment?

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Migration to a multi-cloud environment leverages multiple cloud platforms for different purposes. When migrating to a multi-cloud environment, it is very important to do a thorough analysis of your applications and your data to properly leverage each platform for its optimal usage. Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ can help plan your evolution to the multi-cloud environment.


How Do We Migrate to a Hybrid Cloud?

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With a hybrid cloud, organizations can custom-tailor which data they want to host in a public or private cloud, and also leverage a local data center(s).


How Do We Migrate Data to a Public or Private Cloud?

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Companies have several options to perform data transfers from local data centers to a public or private cloud which depends on the type of data being moved and how quickly the migration needs to be completed. A company can:

  • Use the public internet
  • Create a dedicated, private network connection
  • Perform an offline transfer, which is where a company uploads their data onto an appliance and ships it to a cloud provider who then uploads the data into the Cloud.

We Tried to Migrate to the Cloud But We Are Facing Problems, Can Storcom Help?

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Of course! Storcom can correct poorly-executed cloud migrations at any stage in the process. In fact, we are experts in problematic migrations! There are no problems that we cannot solve. There are scenarios where a migration has been done improperly, and a public cloud can not be utilized. In these cases, Storcom has assisted in migrating from public to private clouds.


How Can I Mitigate the Pitfalls of Migrating to the Cloud?

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Planning and creating a cloud migration strategy which evaluates security requirements, cloud providers, data, applications, architecture, infrastructure, and performance is of the utmost importance. This is where Storcom can help! Our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ helps you get to the Cloud both safely and securely. We help enterprises Evolve to the Cloud™, and our unparalleled white-glove, high-touch approach helps our clients understand the process from inception to completion.


What are the Challenges of Cloud Migration?

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Without proper planning or a migration strategy in place beforehand, enterprises can face inoperability, lack of portability for applications and data, loss of data security and integrity, and disruptions in business continuity. These challenges can increase IT costs and negatively affect workload performance if not handled and addressed early on in the planning stages.


Will Cloud Migration Increase Business Agility?

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Of course! Migrating to the Cloud increases agility, which enables your organization to move quickly and react accordingly to market conditions. Utilizing the Cloud helps organizations speed up their time to market and frees up employee’s time and resources to focus on innovation.


Storcom partners with best-in-class and emerging technology providers to enable our clients to stay on the cutting edge of information technology.

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