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A vCIO (Virtual CIO) Can Free Up Time and Resources

Storcom’s Analysis and Strategy Roadmaps

Storcom’s virtual CIO solution, Virtual CIOptimizer™, frees up time to do great things and minimizes your risk. On-site IT experts are mainly managing tactical issues in most businesses. This leaves less time for creating, planning, maintaining, and monitoring an effective IT strategy.

Clients are guaranteed to have someone who always keeps looking at the newest and most cutting-edge technology. Storcom’s Virtual CIOptimizer™ services will always come up with new goals, analytics, and Roadmaps on how your company can always progress and grow with new changes in IT.

IT Risk Management

Every business should have a security and disaster recovery plan as part of the overall information technology risk management strategy. Having a Storcom Virtual CIOptimizer™ will ensure that our clients’ IT plans and strategies remain current and are implemented seamlessly and efficiently if, and when, the time comes.

IT Management

Storcom’s Virtual CIOptimizer™ services can enable clients to stay on top of all IT needs so they can focus on growing the rest of their business.


How Can Storcom’s vCIO Services Help My Business?

Full and part-time virtual CIOs are extremely useful in an IT managed services environment since they allow companies to leverage a strategic position that they may not have the resources to create or execute.

Storcom’s strategic virtual CIO solutions and services help companies reduce risk and save money. Our vCIO experts manage your IT environment and stretch your IT budget to make technology investments that make sense for today and for the future.

A Storcom CIOptimizer™ is just one click away. Virtual CIO services are your key to managing technology needs and making strategic IT decisions. Contact us to learn more!

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Are You Current on IT Trends and Technology?

Many business owners do their own research on IT solutions; however, information technology is an extremely specialized area with many challenges and considerations to be weighed when making large decisions. Someone with a broad knowledge of information technology and surface knowledge of your business goals will not be sufficient in developing and implementing an effective IT strategy.

Storcom’s Virtual CIOptimizer solution provides insight, guidance, and leadership within an IT strategy and its implementation. In-house CIOs typically come with a hefty annual salary; however, Storcom’s Virtual CIOptimizer provides the services of a CIO for a fixed-fee each month. Storcom’s arrangements are flexible and clients have complete control over the solutions we provide.

Cloud Enablement for Manufacturing Company

Cloud Enablement Roadmap® for a Large Chicago-Based Manufacturing Company Specializing in Custom Commercial LED Lighting and Design.

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Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategy for Logistics Company in Chicago

Public/Private Cloud Migration Strategy for Chicago-based Logistics Company.

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IT Security Strategy for an American Tools Manufacturer

Provided an IT Strategy Dealing with Data Compliance and Data Security for a Large American Designer, Manufacturer, and Marketer of High-End Tools & Equipment.

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Managed IT Managed Services for Large Manufacturing Company

Provided Full Managed Services for Entire On-Premises and Disaster Recovery Site Infrastructure for Large Chicago-based Manufacturing

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Notable Information about Virtual CIOptimizer Solution

With Storcom’s Virtual CIOptimizer, you never have to question whether or not your company’s information technology is being fully utilized and your strategies are being implemented properly. Our Virtual CIO solution has many benefits, including:


You have more flexibility in deciding when and for how long you would like to use a Virtual CIO and avoid costly employment contracts.


You can grow your business and focus on developing other departments while a competent Storcom advisor directs your Information Technology strategy.

Cutting Edge Strategies

Storcom can develop and implement an innovative strategy to manage other IT responsibilities and resources.

Modern Infrastructure

Storcom can develop an IT Infrastructure Roadmap to help assess whether or not your IT infrastructure is adequate for your needs.

Recover By Storcom

Recover by Storcom™ will always be your loyal data recovery solution in the event of a natural disaster or accident

Subject Matter IT Experts

Your IT investment resources are defined and directed by subject matter experts.

You’ll Always Be In The Know

You will always be aware of long-term strategies that use innovative and trending technologies in information technology in order to gain a competitive edge for your business.

Notable Information about Storcom’s IT Strategies

A complete IT strategy covers the following areas which Storcom’s consultants custom-tailors to fit the needs of your business. Learn more about Storcom’s vCIO solutions:

IT Services Management

Storcom’s IT service management (ITSM) is the practice of designing, implementing, delivering, managing, and improving the IT services your organization provides to your end users. We ensure that the proper mix of people, processes, and technology are in place to provide optimal value to your company. Storcom is focused on aligning your IT processes and services with your business objectives in order to help your organization grow. To put it plainly: Storcom’s ITSM is the art of helping your business run efficiently and cost-effectively.

IT Applications

Business applications that your organizations will utilize in support of business processes which commonly include CRM, ERP, HR/HCM, business intelligence/data analytics, and a wide variety of industry-specific systems.

IT Systems Architecture

Storcom is your trusted advisor who translates your business strategy into concrete solutions on how to design and execute an IT Systems Architecture Roadmap to support business goals. Storcom’s architects can give you the expertise of enterprise systems architects without an enterprise price tag.

IT Infrastructure

Storcom optimizes the technical architecture of your organization’s hardware, operating systems, databases, end-user computing platforms, communications, and facilities. This also includes the implementation and usage of newer cloud platforms to replace aging on-premises IT infrastructure and systems.

IT Cloud Strategy Services

Cloud computing is the hot trend in Information Technology which enables companies to react to changing business landscapes and innovate faster than ever. Storcom guides your organization with our
Cloud Enablement Roadmap®.We are cloud experts and help you Evolve to the Cloud™ as seamlessly as possible. In addition to cloud migration strategies, we offer an array of managed services to oversee precious cloud infrastructure.

IT Organizational Design

IT is not solely about using and adopting technology, IT is also about people. Storcom’s strategic IT planning services also include evaluation of current skills and staffing levels, identification of skills gaps, and designing an IT organizational strategy to carry out our Roadmap.

IT Management Best Practices

IT has its own internal processes that should always utilize best practices. These processes include IT operations, IT governance, IT security, IT risk management, IT financial management, and IT innovation.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you have solid IT strategies in place for disaster recovery, ransomware prevention, and other challenges facing IT departments today?
  • Do you have IT strategies in place for the management of cost, human capital, hardware and software, vendors, and risk?
  • Does your IT department have enough resources to complete and execute strategic IT tasks?
  • Do you have IT strategies that plan for future growth in IT infrastructure?
  • Does your IT staff have enough time to look at current and future technologies to see how they fit in your environment?
  • Do you have enough internal resources to test new technologies?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then Storcom’s Virtual CIOptimizer is a perfect solution to bridge the gaps in your organization’s IT department.

Virtual CIO Solution FAQS

Learn more about virtual CIO solution with Storcom’s comprehensive library of definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

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What are the qualities to look for when hiring a virtual CIO?

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Here is a checklist of qualities to look for in a vCIO:

  • A thorough understanding of technology trends that are likely to impact the client
  • The ability to link IT systems and processes to business objectives
  • A strong grasp on IT management and project planning
  • Organizations with experience in the IT budgeting process
  • A proven track record of creating and implementing IT strategies
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What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual CIO?

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The main advantage to having a vCIO is the cost savings. The expense to hire a CIO in-house is far more than hiring a vCIO to supplement your IT needs. A virtual CIO does not have the HR, compliance, or space requirements of an office employee. This provides a predictable, fixed monthly cost that can be custom-tailored to your individual business needs.

In reality, you don’t just get a virtual CIO. You also get an entire team of dedicated specialists in all facets of information technology. Clients are provided with 24/7/365 support and monitoring.

Virtual CIOs also form solid IT strategies and act as an advisor to your organization’s IT department. Virtual CIOs plan for the future of technology, and align business and information technology objectives together. Roadmaps are put in place to help both current hardware and software needs, but also strategize for the evolution of technology.

Virtual CIOs can also act as a vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer). Since mitigating risks of cyberattacks is of the utmost importance in this day and age, a vCIO will help manage your organization’s security and offer services from employee training to updating and patching systems.

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Why should I have a mobile device policy that explains cyberthreats to my employees?

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It is extremely important to have a mobile device policy with the rise of IOT and the propensity for mobile devices to be used at work, known as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. While mobile devices can dramatically improve an organization’s productivity and flexibility, and can actually save companies money, businesses are opening themselves up to additional cyber threats. Organizations who implement BYOD must have a strategy or policy in place which encompasses how to handle and deploy end-to-end security and also train their employees to minimize risk of cyberattacks.

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How can a virtual CIO help my IT department if I need someone to be in the office?

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The term “virtual CIO” can often be misleading. While most tasks can be completed remotely, there are a host of other services that a vCIO provides that require being on-site in a client’s environment. Virtual CIOs regularly go to a client’s office to conduct employee training, provide updates and patches, and meet with executives to update goals for the present and future of an IT department.

Especially with the current times of COVID-19, physical presence is less important than achieving the goals of an IT department.

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Do you know the location of your data and how to access it in the event of a disaster?

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Without warning, your primary systems can fail when a natural disaster, loss of power, cyberattack, or human error occurs. Do you have a strategic plan in place to retrieve your critical data? Do you know how long your business can operate before a disaster impacts your bottom line? If not, then you may need the assistance of a virtual CIO to put a strategic roadmap in place on how to handle backup and disaster recovery to ensure the safety of your data and your business as a whole.

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What Does a vCIO Do?

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The vCIO works collaboratively with clients to advise IT departments. Virtual CIOs perform the exact same functions as a conventional CIO, but with additional benefits and less cost and risk. Those functions include formulating strategic IT goals, planning an IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes, and facilitating changes in information technology. The vCIO can help customers maintain their IT infrastructure to keep things running smoothly, or they can suggest and implement modern upgrades to help infrastructure grow for the future. For example, a vCIO can work with a client to plan an Infrastructure Technology Roadmap that identifies opportunities to use new technology tools. If a client lacks an internal IT department or has a very limited IT staff, the client may grant the authority to make decisions and overall technology deployment responsibilities to the vCIO of their choosing. The main difference between the vCIO function and other advisory and consultative solutions is that a virtual CIO takes a broader view of the client by focusing on the alignment between business and IT.

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What is a Virtual CIO?

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Simply put, a “virtual CIO,” or “vCIO,” is a company or contractor that virtually serves as an organization’s chief information officer (CIO).


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Virtual CIO Services

Virtual CIO services allow a business to outsource the responsibilities of a chief information officer (CIO) to a services provider or consultant. Virtual CIO services often include short-term and long-term IT strategy, evaluating new technologies for use in the company’s operations, and disaster recovery planning.Why It Matters to Your CustomersEven if your clients have in-house IT resources, they may need guidance to look at the big picture when it comes to their IT environments. It is …

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4 Ways a Virtual CIO Helps Small Business

Every small business — with dreams of growth and expansion — realizes technology enhances business productivity. Of course, not every small business can allocate funds to staff an IT department — or in some cases even have an IT professional on call.For most small businesses, IT experts on site are chiefly managing tactical issues — leaving little time for maintenance, monitoring and planning when it comes to nurturing a strategic, effective IT strategy. For most small businesses, a virtu…

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