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Great systems architecture can free up IT resources

Great IT Architecture Solutions Consolidate & Centralize Resources

A solid IT architecture strategy and implementing systems architecture solutions can improve your company’s efficiency. If your IT architecture plan includes the consolidation and centralization of your technology resources, especially in the data center, then you gain improvements across the board of resource optimization, disaster recovery, security, and delivery of IT services. In addition, your company will receive increased data availability while reducing the overall complexity.

From architecting a new data center or data center consolidation, to creating a wireless network solution, Storcom can do it all. We are IT experts with decades of experience architecting solutions for our business clients.

Storcom can help consolidate or centralize your:


Storcom can help you reduce the number of physical servers by implementing a Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ to enable virtualization by eliminating redundancy.

IT personnel

Storcom can help you consolidate your IT personnel into centrally managed subject matter experts based on your organization’s needs and your employee’s skill sets.

File storage

Storcom can help you remove local file repositories off multiple file servers and consolidate them into a centralized storage solution like a storage area network (SAN).

Why Storcom for Your Systems Architecture? 

Storcom ensures your company’s purpose and goals before architecting. We evaluate the architecture throughout the system development. An architecture is a persistent framework during the life cycle of a system; however, unforeseen changes (e.g., new missions and goals) can influence the best “first version” architectures.

Storcom constructs the architecture to help our clients understand technology readiness and evolution, and we ensure that you avoid being locked into proprietary or potentially obsolete technologies by a specific vendor.

Cloud Enablement for Manufacturing Company

Cloud Enablement Roadmap® for a Large Chicago-Based Manufacturing Company Specializing in Custom Commercial LED Lighting and Design.

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Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategy for Logistics Company in Chicago

Public/Private Cloud Migration Strategy for Chicago-based Logistics Company.

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IT Security Strategy for an American Tools Manufacturer

Provided an IT Strategy Dealing with Data Compliance and Data Security for a Large American Designer, Manufacturer, and Marketer of High-End Tools & Equipment.

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Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Solution for Global Company

Designed and Implemented an Entire Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution for a large global event production company.

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Cloud Enablement Roadmap Infographic

We’ll help you find your path to the cloud. View Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap Infographic.

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Recover By Storcom™ Infographic

Let Storcom keep you afloat after a critical loss. View the Recover By Storcom Infographic.

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Storcom Offers the Following IT Systems Architecture Solutions

  • Design a new storage solution
  • Design a new network
  • Design a new Wi-Fi solution
  • Design a cloud telecommunications strategy

Storcom can also help to optimize our clients’ existing IT architecture to modernize workloads.

Notable IT Tasks That Systems Architecture Accomplishes

Embarking on an IT architecture project means dealing with many tasks that are very detailed. No matter the nature of your IT architecture project, be sure to cover this abbreviated checklist of common, high-level tasks:

  • Eliminating resource silos: the ability to get rid of separate information resource silos through centralization and consolidation enables time to make many other projects possible.
  • Identifying data requirements: determine the type of data and applications your organization uses, its users and locations, plus any other associated business requirements.
  • Identifying and integrating existing resources: identify resources that are currently in use and determine whether or not they should be integrated into the new architecture, replaced with a different solution, or removed.
  • Defining technical standards: define the guidelines and rules that your company will use in making decisions with respect to information technology.
  • Identifying security requirements: security requirements need to be identified in order for implementation to start since your information is a valuable asset that needs to be protected.
  • Justifying systems architecture changes: ensuring that the proposed systems architecture changes provide a value and benefit to your organization.

How Does IT Architecture Help Consolidate and Centralize Technology Resources

A thorough IT architecture strategy improves efficiency. When your company’s IT architecture program includes consolidation and centralization of your technology resources especially in the data center. You gain improved resource usage, data recovery, reduced complexity, improved security, service delivery, and increased data availability. Some elements that are able to be consolidated or centralized are:

  • IT personnel: consolidate IT personnel into centrally managed, focused support groups based on need and skill sets.
  • Servers: the number of physical servers is able to be reduced by virtualization or eliminating redundancy.
  • File storage: getting local file repositories off of multiple file servers and onto a centralized storage solution like a storage area network (SAN).
  • Directory: providing a common directory service for authentication or implementing a single sign-on or federated authentication solution in order to bridge multiple directories.

Systems Architecture FAQS

Learn more about systems architecture with Storcom’s comprehensive library of definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is IT Architecture?

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A part of “IT architecture” is improving efficiencies by restructuring a company’s resources and automating system maintenance. Organizations can save costs by reducing administrative overhead and support through automating system maintenance processes in IT architecture. Storcom can help advise you of ways to automate your IT architecture in ways like:

  • Operating system updates/patches: operating systems have some sort of native automated patch management solution, plus third-party solutions are also available.
  • Anti-malware updates and scans: use enterprise-level anti-malware solutions that update frequently and scan regularly to improve the security of your IT environment.
  • Application updates: some applications are able to update themselves automatically, and others may be updated through push technology and logon scripts.
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What is Enterprise Business Architecture?

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“Enterprise Business Architecture,” also known as “Business Architecture,” defines the structure of an organization with respect to people, processes, and resources. Enterprise business architecture supports the change of an organization with a holistic approach. This service-oriented enterprise approach supports the growth of service-oriented architecture at a business level.

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What is Enterprise IT Architecture?

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“Enterprise IT Architecture” is defined to describe the structure and relationships between the IT systems at an enterprise level and how information technology supports a business and how it achieves business objectives. This encompasses standards and guidelines within solution architecture.

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What is Enterprise Architecture?

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“Enterprise architecture” defines the structure and the relationships of the company, how and which way the organization will function, and how information and information technology will support the goals and organizations of the enterprise. Enterprise architecture is an end-to-end view of the business and its employees, processes, technology, and governance within the organization in order to support the goals and objectives.

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What is Solution Architecture?

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“Solution Architecture” is one of the key methods where IT architecture delivers value to the organization, according to Forrester. Solution architecture activities take place during solution creation, design, and implementation. During the creation, solution architecture establishes the complete business context for a solution and defines the scope and requirements for the solution. During the design, solution architecture elaborates potential options which could include RFP, RFI, or prototype development. Solution architecture with Storcom selects the most optimal option and develops a roadmap for your solution. During the implementation, solution architecture communicates the architecture to the stakeholders and guides the implementation team.

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What is Cloud Oriented Architecture (COA)?

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“Cloud Oriented Architecture”, or “Cloud Computing Architecture,” is defined as the components and subcomponents that are required for cloud computing. These typically consist of: front and back end platforms, a cloud-based delivery, and a network. Cloud Architecture is often encompassed by the overarching Infrastructure Architecture umbrella.

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What is Security Architecture?

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“Security Architecture” defines traditional IT security (firewalls, proxies, etc.) and business and information security. This also includes the organizational and relevant business services to deliver this security that is required. Security Architecture is often linked to governance in order to encompass “security management” where an organization makes decisions based on the desire to mitigate risks. Security Architecture is a holistic view of architecture framework approach which makes use of focus areas in business, information, technology infrastructure, information systems, governance, and security. These projects are typically concerned with designing a solution in pre-sales engagements, project solution design, build, implementation, and running the infrastructure-related tasks.

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What is Governance Architecture?

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“Governance Architecture” defines business governance (how an organization manages its overall formal and informal business processes) and traditional IT Systems management, organization, capabilities, and systems. This is critical in this day and age of increased business regulation and compliance.

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What is Infrastructure Architecture?

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Infrastructure Architecture, also known as “Technical Architecture,” has evolved in recent years to include two categories: physical and virtual infrastructure. Although all infrastructure defaults to a hardware foundation, the Cloud Computing revolution has propelled the complexity of infrastructure architecture. Infrastructure architecture mainly focuses on the non-functional processes of a solution. It spells out all of the infrastructure-related components that satisfy requirements for availability, stability, scalability, security, and operability.


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