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IBM Flash Storage for Cyber Resiliency

Shifting from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience with IBM

With its extensive experience in cybersecurity and risk management, Storcom partners with IBM, a recognized leader in cyber resiliency to offer a comprehensive suite of advanced storage and data protection solutions, including:

  • IBM FlashSystem, IBM Cloud Object Storage, and IBM Spectrum Scale, are primary storage solutions that come with data immutability and encryption features.
  • IBM Tape Storage, which also supports data immutability and encryption provides protection through air gapping.
  • IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management software manages and protects copies of data.
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Suite for additional protection. Spectrum Protect software-defined storage can place data on flash, disk, object storage, and physical or virtual tape. It then detects malware and ransomware activity by identifying large deviations from normal access patterns.
  • QRadar and Storage Insights features help accelerate detection of potential threats using AI-enhanced capabilities.
Learn more about storage’s role in building cyber resiliency in this ESG whitepaper.

IBM Cyber Vault & Immutable Snapshot Capabilities

It is hard to overemphasize storage’s role in protecting against ransomware. It is the technology that is taking and protecting secondary copies, —which makes storage critically important to help with recovery.

One of the most useful tools of all in IBM’s cyber resiliency toolbox is IBM Cyber Vault, a security methodology for rapid recovery from a cyberattack. It is built on top of IBM Safeguarded Copy, a technology for regularly creating isolated, immutable snapshots. Cyber Vault analyzes these snapshots, scanning for potentially malicious changes that could indicate the presence of ransomware.

Powerful Integrations

IBM Cyber Vault also integrates with IBM QRadar and IBM Storage Insights for even faster detection. Its validation of immutable copies allow admins to quickly identify a good copy, test it, and then restore from it. In terms of enhancing speed in particular, IBM Cyber Vault helps storage administrators accelerate:


The integration of QRadar and Storage Insights offers enhanced detection and monitoring.

Mitigating and quantifying damage

This is an automated process. Early, automatic detection of attacks obviously enables faster recovery from them.

Identification of a known-good copy

Automation of immutable copies of data occurs if a threat is detected.

Restoration of operations.

Rapid recovery is possible within hours, instead of days or weeks.