Recover by Storcom Technical

Scary fact: according to Avast, up to 50% of restores fail and 60% of backups are incomplete.

Often times, businesses do not realize how reliant they are on data. Imagine a scenario where your network goes down for days and you are unable to access critical files, client databases, accounting and financial documents, and just about every single file that your company has ever created or produced. Now try to answer these questions:

  • Do you think your company could still function without access to any of your data?
  • How do you think you could recover from an outage?
  • How quickly do you think you would be able to get your network up and running again?
  • Do you have a backup solution for your data already in place?

If so:

  • Are you positive that you can restore your data?
  • Do you know if your backups are 100% complete?
  • Have you tested your backup and recovery strategy?

Want to get a little more technical about Recover by Storcom?


How Recover by Storcom Works

Recover by Storcom is a feature of Storcom’s data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution. It allows user-managed failover of all backed up servers in the cloud, so that our clients can quickly get back to work from anywhere at any time without having to set up a new network, firewall, or other infrastructure.
When subscribed to Recover by Storcom, it is easy to create a virtual office that reproduces the downed network in Storcom’s Private Cloud. Recover by Storcom takes care of the complex back-end processes–rendering snapshots and images, then automatically converting them to virtualized images.

Data Restore & Recovery

In the event of disaster, the supplied local CORE by Storcom provides multiple recovery options from file level to bare-metal images, and even entire VMs, back to a specific point in time. We use Storcom’s live standby feature to have business-critical systems running in real time in the Storcom Continuity Cloud for near zero percent downtime from a location outage standpoint.

Storcom’s Methodology

In today’s technology landscape, getting a DR/BCsolution to work from a technical standpoint is not that difficult; however, getting a DR/BC solution that works reliably within your business parameters is an entirely different story. This is where Recover by Storcom can help. Recover by Storcom is a reliable, comprehensive solution including disaster recovery and business continuity planning, plus structured, cloud-based backups that allow for the recovery of an bindividual system or a complete location outage.

Storcom’s methodology includes three phases to create a customized DR/BU strategy for our clients:

  1. Discovery
  2. Analysis
  3. Roadmap

How Recover by Storcom is Architected

Here is a chart example of a public cloud solution developed with Recover by Storcom: