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There’s no substitute for Veeam knowledge & experience. Storcom earned the role as a trusted advisor and partner with more than two decades of ensuring that our clients’ data is safe, secure, and available. Veeam’s 200+ new features in v11 enable Storcom to provide even greater levels of protection and functionality. With Veaam v11, we can create more comprehensive solutions, business continuity plans, & data protection strategies. Click here for our top Veeam version 11 feature picks: ransomware protection, hardened Linux repository, no vendor lock-in, single-use credentials, SSH protocol, continuous data protection (CDP), & more.

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Veeam v11: Superior Ransomware Protection

One of the big features in Veeam Backup & Replication v11 is security and data protection to fight off the ever-increasing risks of malware and ransomware. Avoiding data loss and defending against cyberthreats while keeping costs in check is a monumental challenge. Although the pandemic seems to hopefully be winding down, remote work and the possible security issues it creates are here to stay. Workloads are accelerating to the cloud and more workers are operating remotely which makes data harder to protect. You need comprehensive data protection that can meet stringent RPOs with the security to protect your backup data throughout its life cycle — regardless of workload type, location or size.

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v11 brings balance to your objectives with a 4-in-1 solution, combining storage snapshots, backup, replication and Continuous Data Protection under a single platform. Unlock options for SLAs, retention and service delivery to be more resilient and secure than ever before.

Introducing reliable ransomware protection to keep backups safe with immutable, hardened Linux repositories compliant with SEC 17a-4(f), FINRA 4511(c) and CFTC 1.31(c)-(d) regulations, preventing encryption by ransomware, accidental or malicious deletions; based on general-purpose servers, all without any hardware lock-in.

Key New Features in Veeam Backup & Replication v11

What are the New Features in Veeam Backup & Replication v11?


Continuous Data Protection

Disaster Recovery with Veeam Continuous Data Protection (CDP): Eliminate downtime and minimize data loss for Tier-1 VMware workloads with built-in CDP and achieve immediate recoveries to the latest state or desired point in time providing the best recovery point objectives (RPOs).


Archive Storage

Amazon S3 Glacier and Microsoft Azure Archive Storage: Reduce the costs of long-term data archival and retention by up to 20 times and replace manual tape management with new native support for Amazon S3 Glacier (including Glacier Deep Archive) and Microsoft Azure Archive Storage through end-to-end backup life cycle management with Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository Archive Tier.


Google Cloud Storage

New support for Google Cloud Storage for Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository Capacity Tier, providing a greater choice of hot cloud object storage targets.


Expanded Instant Recovery

Achieve the lowest recovery time objectives (RTOs) with powerful instant recovery for Microsoft SQL, Oracle databases, and NAS file shares from the pioneer of Instant VM Recovery.


NEW Veeam Agent for Mac

Delivers end-user data backup for any macOS device, joining existing Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, and Oracle Solaris.


Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS

Leverage the services, solutions, and expertise needed to maximize the value of V11 by teaming up with Veeam-powered service providers like Storcom for a fully managed backup experience. Veeam Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) are brought to the market in 180 countries thanks to to partnerships with leading cloud and managed service providers like Storcom.

Storcom’s services are seamlessly integrate into V11 through the use of the new Veeam Service Provider Console v5, a web-based platform for centralized management, monitoring, and customer self-service access of data protection operations. This newest version features expanded backup management for Linux and Mac. Console v5 also has monitoring and reporting of cloud-native AWS and Azure backups and enhanced security with multi-factor authentication. You can rest easy knowing your data is protected with Storcom + Veeam.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new features in Veeam Backup and Replication v11 that we are excited about here at Storcom and why they are useful, then click here to read our blog post.


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Scale-out Backup Repository Features

Scale-out Backup Repository

Easily federate your Windows, Linux and deduplication storage into logical backup repositories. Scale infinitely to the cloud. Select between higher-performance local targets or longer-term object storage in the Capacity Tier to meet your recovery and cost objectives.

  • Policy-based, backup copy management with Veeam’s three intelligent storage tiers: performance, capacity and archive
  • Automated data movement from hot to cold object storage tiers with new native support for Amazon S3 Glacier (including Glacier Deep Archive) and Azure Blob & Archive Tier Storage
  • NEW support for Google Cloud Storage for Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository™ Capacity Tier, providing greater choice in cloud storage targets


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Information on Immutable Backups

 Immutable Backups

Wave goodbye to accidental backup deletions, ransomware, and hackers! You can now make your image-level backups immutable for a specified period of time with GFS backups protected for the  entire duration of their retention policy.

This new Veeam 11 functionality uses the native Linux file immutability feature, which  restricts modification and deletion of files with the corresponding flag set. The flag can only be removed by  a user with root privileges, but the single-use credentials ensure such accounts are not stored on the backup  server. So, just ensure they are not saved into any other application and keep the sudoers list empty too! 

For redundancy, the immutability expiration time stamp is stored twice: 1) in the special configuration file and  2) in the extended attribute of each backup file. The first is extended automatically as dependent incremental  restore points are added into the backup chain but can also be increased (but never reduced) manually for  legal hold purposes using PowerShell. The second timestamp remains as originally set, due to being a part of the already immutable file. The immutability flag is only removed from the backup file when local time on the repository server exceeds both values.

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Backup Jobs Updates

Backup Jobs Updates

  • High priority jobs — You can now designate some backup jobs as high priority. Such jobs will place their  pending tasks into the dedicated resources scheduler queue that is offered for backup infrastructure  resources before the queue used by normal priority jobs. Use this setting for backup jobs protecting  workloads sensitive to their backup start time or for periodic jobs with strict RPO requirements. 
  • Background GFS retention — GFS full backup retention is now processed independently from the backup job  execution as a background system activity on the Veeam repository. This ensures that the expired full backups  won’t continue to consume repository disk space if the backup job gets disabled for extended time periods. 
  • Orphaned GFS backups retention — The retention policy is now applied to GFS backups that no longer  have a job associated with them, based on their last-known retention policy. This removes the need for  workarounds, such as keeping the no-longer-necessary jobs protecting a single dummy machine. 
  • Deleted VM retention improvements — Deleted VM retention will no longer be applied if the backup job failed  to build the processed machines list to avoid backup deletions caused by temporary infrastructure issues. 

Backup Copy Jobs 

Backup Copy Jobs now use the same GFS retention logic as the primary backup jobs. This ensures consistency  throughout the product and enables compatibility with new features, such as immutable backups of the hardened repository or background GFS backup retention. Specifically, this means the following changes: 

  • Time-based GFS retention — GFS retention for Backup Copy Jobs is now time-based, as opposed to the number of restore points in each generation. This guarantees that the GFS restore points will not be kept for  less time than necessary, even in case of accidental manual GFS backup creation. 
  • GFS full creation time — GFS fulls are now created and sealed right on the scheduled day, as opposed to  when the corresponding restore point becomes the oldest in the incremental backup chain. This should remove the continuous confusion and concerns of our customers in regards to this process. 
  • No quarterly backups — For consistency with the primary backup jobs GFS, a quarterly backup option is no longer provided. Existing quarterly schedules will be converted to monthly by increasing their retention value accordingly during the upgrade to v11. 

Existing Backup Copy Jobs with GFS retention enabled will be updated automatically during the upgrade. Other Veeam v11 Backup Copy Job improvements include: 

  • Repository as source — You can now select the entire repository as a source for the Backup Copy Jobs in  immediate copy mode. 

• Daily retention — You can now choose between restore point-based and time-based retention in days for recent backups created by Backup Copy Job.


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Platform and Storage Integration Updates


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 
  • Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform integration — Register Google Cloud Storage (GCS) buckets with  backups created by Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform as external repositories, enabling you to  perform all types of restores and copy your GCP VM backups to on-premises backup repositories for disaster  recovery purposes and for compliance with the 3-2-1 Rule. 


  • Persistent data mover for Linux — Transport components are now deployed persistently when you register  a Linux server with Veeam. This improves both performance and scalability, as data movers no longer  require being pushed to the server each time a task starts. Required rules for built-in Linux firewalls are  created automatically for the duration of the backup job (iptables, ufw and firewalld are supported). 

NOTE: For Linux hosts not yet supporting the persistent data mover, such as storage appliances with the Veeam  data mover integration, v11 will continue using the run-time data mover. 

  • Enhanced data mover security — When leveraging single-use credentials, the persistent data mover will run  as the limited user from the credential set it was deployed with. As a result, any potential vulnerabilities in  the internal data mover API cannot be used by hackers to overtake the operating system. 
  • Certificate-based authentication — As opposed to using the saved Linux credentials, we will now leverage Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology for authentication between a backup server and transport  components during the backup tasks processing — with the key pairs automatically generated at the  transport deployment time. 
  • Elliptic curve cryptography — To achieve an unprecedented level of security, v11 adds support for elliptic  curve (EC)-based SSH key pairs, such as Ed25519 or ECDSA, for establishing SSH connections to Linux servers.  If cracking a 228-bit RSA key requires less energy than boiling a teaspoon of water, a 228-bit EC key takes enough energy to boil all water on planet Earth — providing the security equivalent to a 2380-bit RSA key! 


Microsoft: Azure 
  • Fully integrated Azure-native backup — Azure data protection is now built directly into the Veeam Backup  & Replication console. This requires Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v2 
  • Restore to generation 2 VM — Added experimental support for the Direct Restore to Microsoft  Azure to provision a generation 2 VM as the target. To enable this functionality, create the AzureEnableGeneration2VMRestore (DWORD, 1) registry value on the backup server.


VMware: vSphere 
  • Instant first-class disk recovery — When performing instant disk recovery, users can now choose to restore  a disk from backups as a standard VMDK attached to the specified vSphere VM or as a first-class disk (FCD),  which can be managed independently of vSphere VMs and consumed directly by next-gen container-based applications. 
  • AND for vSphere Tags — In addition to specifying multiple individual vSphere Tags as a job scope, you can  now use a combination of vSphere Tags — in which case only VMs with every selected tag assigned will be processed (AND operator behavior). When using this approach, take greater care monitoring unprotected  VMs, for example with Veeam ONE™ — as such setup makes it much easier to unintentionally lose VMs from  the protection scope and end up with no recent backups for them. 
  • Two-step failback — To make the failback time more predictable for large VMs and reduce downtime, we’ve  made the failback process more controlled. In the first stage of the process, which takes most of the time, the replica VM is still running while digests are calculated and the failback target machine is being restored  to the pre-failback snapshot state. Once this process completes, the replica VM is placed into the Ready  to Switch status and can be failed back with minimal downtime required for the final delta transfer. The  switchover operation can be performed manually or automatically — either as soon as the replica is ready for switchover or at the scheduled time during the next maintenance window. 
  • Linux proxy transport modes — Supported transport modes now include Direct Storage Access (for block  and NFS storage), Network (NBD/NBDSSL) and Backup from Storage Snapshots (for block storage only).  In addition, the existing hot-add transport mode performance has been improved significantly with the advanced data fetcher technology, previously leveraged by Windows-based proxies only. 
  • Linux proxy CBT restore — Added support for Quick Rollback functionality to Linux-based backup proxies  for full VM restore and failback to the original location. 
  • NBD multi-threading — The backup engine is now capable of establishing multiple NBD connections per  VMDK for better performance of network transport mode. At the same time, due to the low limit of max NBD connections per ESXi host, there are reliability concerns associated with increasing the number of  such connections. While our scheduler tracks NBD tasks per host to ensure they remain within the limit,  we decided that a marginal performance benefit is not worth the risk of enabling this new behavior for Veeam’s entire customer base right away, as there may be external NBD connections too. However, you can use the fully supported VMwareNBDConnectionsPerDisk (DWORD) registry value on the backup server to give  this functionality a try. Our internal testing showed that the best performance is achieved with two NBD  connections per disk. 
  • VDDK version update — VDDK 6.7 has been updated to version 6.7.3, which, among other issues, should fix  issues with asynchronous NBD I/O usage. 


VMware: vCloud Director 
  • vCloud Director replication — New dedicated replication job type enables service providers to perform  vApp replication within and across vCloud Director instances. The replication job processes vApp VMs and  metadata (such as networking or VM start order) to create a ready-to-use replica vApp in the target vCloud  Director that can be leveraged instantly in case of a disaster. 
  • Native vCloud Director plug-in — This new capability allows service providers to extend the vCloud Director  tenant UI to include Veeam Backup & Replication functionality, enabling tenants to manage their own backups and restores without leaving the convenience of the vCloud Director web console. This integration is based on Veeam’s existing vCloud Director Self-Service Backup & Restore Portal.
  • Multiple vCloud Director server support — vCloud self-service backup portal now supports environments  with multiple vCD servers registered with Veeam Backup & Replication, and you can pick the desired vCD server when creating the organization configuration.  
  • Multiple configuration support — vCloud self-service backup portal now supports the creation of multiple  self-service configurations for the same vCD org. 
  • Enhanced vCloud Director portal access flexibility — You can now specify custom vCD roles in the  vCloudPortalBackupAdminRole (STRING) and vCloudPortalRestoreOperatorRole (STRING) registry values  to allow all vCD users with the corresponding vCD role to access the self-service backup portal for their respective org with either the Backup Administrator or Restore Operator role on the portal. Without these registry values populated, behavior remains as it was in the previous versions: only the vCD users having administrative permissions on the vCD org are allowed to access the self-service portal for the  corresponding org with the Backup Administrator portal role. 
  • vCloud Director 10.2 support — Full support for both on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments with VMware Cloud Director Service. 


Primary storage integrations 

  • Instant disk recovery from storage snapshots — Reduce your instant recovery footprint by restoring only  the required disks of large vSphere VMs (for example, only OS disk or only data disks) directly from storage based snapshots. Instantly mount disks from the snapshot to the selected VM for other use cases, for example, comparing the disk content or performing mass file-level recoveries using third-party tools.  
  • Restore point-based retention for storage snapshots — Retention of restore points in storage snapshots is  now processed on a per-VM basis. Previously, storage snapshots themselves were considered to be restore points, which resulted in a number of issues in corner cases like failed VM processing retries, VM migration  to another volume, etc. 


Dell Technologies/EMC: VNX/VNXe/Unity 
  • Integration tool version — Updated the Dell EMC Navisphere and Unisphere CLI tools to the latest version for TLS 1.2 support. 


HPE: 3PAR/Primera 
  • 3PAR Remote Copy support — Asynchronous periodic 3PAR/Primera replication is now supported in all  storage snapshot integration functionality to the same extent as Nimble Snapshot Replication. This includes managing storage snapshot replication, separate retention for snapshot replicas and backup from snapshots  replicas on the secondary array to avoid impact from backup activities on the primary array. 
  • Nimble multi-protocol support — Storage snapshot integration functionality now supports HPE Nimble storage having both FC and iSCSI protocols enabled on the same array. 
  • Versions support — Added support for 3PAR OS 3.3.1 MU5 and dropped support for HPE 3PAR OS versions below 3.2.2 and WSAPI prior to version 1.5. 


  • Lenovo DM support — Added built-in Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series storage snapshot integration.


  • ONTAP 9.8 support — Added NetApp ONTAP 9.8 support for storage snapshot integration, except for the processing of VMs residing on FlexGroup volumes. You can still use regular host-based or agent-based  backup for protecting such VMs. 


Secondary storage integrations


  • AD authentication support — Added support for Microsoft Active Directory-based authentication for registering ExaGrid with Veeam. 
  • Scale-out Backup Repository placement logic — Per ExaGrid request, in light of the global deduplication  they provide, we disabled the special Scale-out Backup Repository extent scheduling logic designed for  deduplicating storage and making Scale-out Backup Repository prefer placing the new full backup on the same extent with the previous full backup. You can enable the previous placement logic back by creating  ExaGridEnableNewFullToSameExtent (DWORD, 1) registry value under the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication key on the backup server. 
  • UI defaults — We now recommend setting the compression level to Optimal in the backup job wizard when  ExaGrid is specified as the target repository, and we enabled the “Decompress backup data blocks before  storing” option in the backup repository wizard by default when registering an ExaGrid-based repository.  This new default will allow ExaGrid to perform deduplication effectively, regardless of the protected workload. 


Dell EMC: Data Domain 
  • Data Domain OS support — Added support for DD OS versions 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 while dropping support for all  DD OS versions lower than 6.1. Please upgrade your DD OS version prior to upgrading to v11. 
  • Data Domain Boost SDK version — DD Boost SDK has been updated to version 7.0. HPE StoreOnce 
  • Backup Copy Jobs as source — Backup Copy Jobs can now also be used as the source for Catalyst Copy jobs. Previously, only primary backup jobs were supported. 
  • Tape out for Catalyst Copy backups — Backup to Tape jobs now support Catalyst Copy jobs as the source. 
  • Health check performance — Backup health check performance in Catalyst Copy jobs has been increased a few times through parallel processing. 
  • Delayed backup copy deletion UI — Catalyst Copy jobs enabled delayed deletion of backup copies from  the secondary storage, resulting in a longer retention on the Catalyst Copy targets. The deletion delay can  now be controlled directly in the user interface, as opposed to the registry setting. This functionality is compatible with both HPE StoreOnce and HPE Cloud Volume Backup storage. 
  • Cloud Volumes Backup support — Version 11 adds official support for Catalyst Copy jobs to HPE Cloud  Volumes Backup. 
  • Catalyst SDK version — HPE StoreOnce Catalyst SDK has been updated to version 4.2.4 with v11 protocol version. 
  • Catalyst API sessions tagging — Veeam file share backup jobs now tag their Catalyst API calls with the special VeeamNAS tag. HPE support intends to use this information to differentiate Veeam workloads in  their support cases for faster resolution.


Quantum: DXi 
  • Quantum FastClone support — Version 11 officially supports enabling fast cloning on backup repositories backed by Quantum DXi models that support this functionality. Please contact Quantum support to confirm the status of the storage model you’re using. 
  • Improved full VM restore performance — Veeam added optimized restore logic for full VM restore, which is already used in other deduplicating storage integrations: Veeam backup proxy will now do sequential reads from Quantum and random writes to the target disks, as opposed to restoring blocks in the order they are stored in the target disk. 

Deduplicating storage integration is included in Veeam Universal License. When using a legacy Socket-based  license, Enterprise or higher edition is required. Contact Storcom today to learn how we help with Veeam v11 licensing. 


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As a robust and highly capable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 fits the needs of many organizations perfectly. Office 365 provides application availability and uptime to ensure your users never skip a beat, but a Microsoft Office 365 backup can protect you against many other security threats. You or your boss might be thinking, “the recycle bin is probably good enough.” However, this is where many people get it wrong. The average length of time from data compromi…

The 6 Key Reasons To Have a Microsoft Office 365 Backup

As a robust and highly capable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 fits the needs of many organizations perfectly. Office 365 provides application availability and uptime to ensure your users never skip a beat, but a Microsoft Office 365 backup can protect you against many other security threats. You or your boss might be thinking, “the recycle bin is probably good enough.” However, this is where many people get it wrong. The average length of time from data compromi…

Veeam Backup and Replication Version 11 Release: So Many New Features, Where do We Start?

By: Dave KlugerStorcom CTO What’s New in Veeam Version 11 (v11)?There are a ton of new features and updates with Veeam version 11, over 200 to be exact. There are already many articles that simply list the new features. As Storcom’s CTO, I want to talk about what’s new in Veeam Version 11 (v11) and what I think the main updates are and WHY they are useful.  Ransomware Protection At the top of everyone’s list is that Veeam’s version 11 contains more ransomware protection features than ever…

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