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There are many different factors that can impact the performance of a Wi-Fi network. This includes switches, firewalls, access controls, and routers. Storcom understands that a reliable and secure wireless network comes from navigating and streamlining your company’s IT architecture in order to fulfill the unique needs of your business.

Storcom’s highly-trained engineers work with your IT team to establish a centralized WiFiaaS solution. This includes software and hardware management, network configuration and implementation, and Storcom’s 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance, and support. Our white-glove IT consulting approach ensures that your wireless network stays current, and is responsive to any changes in your environment and business continuity strategy.

Wi-Fi LANs allow your company to be more productive by enabling your employees to be as mobile as possible. However, having many users connecting to Wi-Fi infrastructure from a variety of different device types make it difficult to plan and troubleshooting Wi-Fi infrastructure.

An enterprise-grade wireless network largely depends on a number of IT infrastructure components in order to optimize performance and create a positive user experience. Storcom uses the agility of cloud computing in order to take a mobile-first approach to our WiFiaaS solution. We build a comprehensive solution to maximize your wireless network’s uptime, speed, and accessibility so your companies and customers can connect their devices across locations.

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Storcom’s Wireless Roadmap solution provides an in-depth analysis needed to design, verify, or troubleshoot Wi-Fi effectively with the use of the industry’s leading Wi-Fi tools. Our Wireless Roadmap solution begins with a free Wi-Fi Site Heatmap Assessment that evaluates the current health of your wireless network to see if you have proper coverage, signal strength, and channel planning. The internal tools Storcom utilizes provides unbeatable measurement of interference that uses dual-band for a high-end spectrum analysis.

What is a wireless assessment?

The initial wireless network survey is a critical first step in designing, troubleshooting, and provisioning a wireless network. If your wireless network is improperly configured, then you risk a network that is unable to handle future demands of mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and the release of innovative new products. It is imperative that a wireless survey is conducted to address your coverage today with a foresight to the future. At Storcom, we use the latest industry tools to map RF coverage and capacity and we provide you with detailed and comprehensive documentation to optimize your Wi-Fi coverage.

What is a New Network Wireless Survey?

Storcom assesses the layout of a potential new wireless network. This includes the location of each access point, RF interference, and noise levels. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can optimize your company’s wireless deployment to select the proper radio channels, antennas, and location of access points for optimal transmit power levels. We can also take this information in order to deploy your new wireless network in order to maximize the Wi-Fi experience for your employees and customers.

What is a Health Check Wireless Survey?

The most effective way to diagnose troublesome wireless networks is to conduct a health check wireless survey. Storcom can find RF interference, hidden nodes, network drop-offs, rogue access points, and more using our state-of-the-art wireless networking technology. We can determine where your pain points are located, and we can determine how to improve your wireless network in order to achieve the greatest performance gains in order to optimize the health of your Wi-Fi network.

What is a Post-Installation Wireless Survey?

A post-installation Wi-Fi survey is performed after a wireless network has been configured and set up. This will confirm that all wireless networking components are functioning properly and that your organization’s coverage and capacity needs are being met with your new wireless network. This extra step is where Storcom feels we set ourselves apart from our competitors. We give our clients the extra reassurance that their new wireless network has been properly designed and configured for both current and future usage.

What is Signal Strength?

Signal Strength, also referred to as “coverage,” is the most basic requirement for a wireless network. As a general guideline, low signal strength means unreliable connections, and low data throughput.

What is Good/Bad Wi-FI Signal Strength?

The most important thing to understand about dBm (decibel milliwatts) is they are calculated in negatives. This means that -30 is a higher signal than -90, since -90 is a much lower number.

Signal Strength Quality of Signal Uses 
-30 dBm Maximum signal strength. All internet activities are available at this strength
-50 dBm Anything at this level is considered to be excellent signal strength All internet activities are available at this strength including HD streaming
-60 dBm

-65 dBm

Very good signal strength

Good signal strength

Most all Wi-Fi activities are available at this strength

Recommended strength for supporting mobile devices

-67 dBm Reliable/average signal strength The minimum strength for reliable packet delivery. HD streaming may be unreliable
-70 dBm Weak signal Light web browsing and email checking
-80 dBm Unreliable signal strength

Operation of most devices is not guaranteed

Connecting to the network
-90 dBm Unusable The chances of even connecting are very slim

What is a Rogue Access Point?

In this day and age, network security is of the utmost importance. This is why rogue access points should be found and dealt with accordingly. A rogue access point is a wireless access point that has been added and installed on a secure network without the network administrator’s explicit permission.

What are the Risks of Rogue Access Points?

A rogue access point very well could be installed by an employee who has good intentions, but there is also a chance that one has been added by a malicious attacker. Rogue access points can create a vulnerability in an organization’s network which leave companies open to DoS and data theft attacks. If a rogue access point was installed by a malicious attacker, then they are able to access your network remotely.  Gone are the days where companies worry about intruders entering the premises to steal critical data. In today’s world, this means that an intruder could be running vulnerability scanners while sitting in your lobby, parking lot, a neighboring building, or by using a high gain antenna from miles away. Also, rogue access points can give your neighboring businesses or residents access to your network, which opens up major security concerns.

How Can I Protect My Company Against Rogue Access Points?

It is important to check your Wi-Fi network frequently to see if any unapproved access points have been added to the system.  Companies should keep a list of approved access points in a managed access point list, and should check if they are connected to the secure network. If necessary, wireless intrusion prevention systems from Storcom’s partners like Cisco or Aruba Networks can be added to monitor the network’s radio spectrum in order to root out unauthorized/rogue access points.

Wireless Network Heatmap Assessment

With Storcom’s Wi-Fi Site Heatmap Assessment, you will be provided a graphical heatmap visualization that is representative of simulated (planning) or measured data (survey) overlaid on a floor plan that is imported to depict the physical structure in which the wireless network is being or has been deployed. This will be a graphical illustration of the RF distribution footprint for your wireless 802.11xx technology plan. Our Wi-Fi Site Heatmap Assessment provides a highly accurate and standardized Wi-Fi survey for designing, analyzing, optimizing, and troubleshooting your Wi-Fi network. Storcom’s Wi-Fi Site Heatmap Assessment will also provide you with an illustration of signal strength of the expected wireless connection speed and coverage of your wireless network.

Storcom’s wireless network engineers will meet with you to understand your wireless goals and challenges, learn about your business as a whole plus your information technology-specific goals, and offer a free Wi-Fi consultation on possible approaches and solutions to meet your needs.

After thorough evaluation and analysis of business goals and objectives, Storcom’s Wireless Roadmap solution will provide the documentation and reporting deliverables that’s necessary to plan a fast, secure, and reliable wireless network design that places strategic wireless access points for ample coverage.

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