WorkSpace Recovery Colocation

Storcom gives you the support you need to resume IT operations immediately after a disaster with our WorkSpace Recovery™ colocation solution

Storcom’s Colocation Services

Storcom provides enterprise-grade network infrastructure, physical security controls and facility space you need, while you maintain control at the device and OS level. Storcom’s WorkSpace Recovery facility provides our clients’ workforces to co-locate to Storcom’s data center in the event of a disaster in case of an emergency. This is at the same physical location as our disaster recovery facility that houses the servers and data our clients would need to access. Storcom provides a unique benefit over some of the other solutions that leverage shared office locations for business continuity purposes.

Storcom’s clients have gigabit ethernet speed network access to their data just as if it was at their own office facility. This means that client server applications that traditionally move a ton of data can be run from our facility and perform seamlessly to eliminate risk and downtime. Most other IT solution providers cannot offer this service to their clients, so Storcom has a very strong competitive edge.

Storcom’s world-class, interconnected data centers span four continents and are strategically located in the world’s most influential technical and financial markets. Storcom provides you with global reach, scale, and organizational agility.

Our clients receive more than just a team of IT disaster recovery experts

Our clients receive the committed expertise and personal attention that they demand and expect for their most mission-critical and I/O-intensive applications.

Flexible Models

Storcom’s flexible models ensure you are getting what you need, how you need it, in order to give you the peace of mind that your IT needs are specific to your organization.

Unparalleled Support

Storcom’s Managed IT Services are backed 24x7x365 by Storcom’s local onsite support staff.

It is not a matter of IF a disaster or cyberattack will strike but WHEN one will occur

According to Gartner, the average cost of an enterprise’s downtime is about $5,600 per minute. This works out to around $300,000 per hour

Whether it is a flood, fire, power outage, or industrial action, then Storcom will give you support in order to resume your IT operations instantly. Storcom’s WorkSpace Recovery colocation solution puts us ahead of our competitors since we have a T3 data center on-site. This unique offering can literally save your business in the event of a disaster or cyberattack. Let Storcom backup and recover your data while you relax with peace of mind that Storcom is in charge.

Managed IT Managed Services for Large Manufacturing Company

Provided Full Managed Services for Entire On-Premises and Disaster Recovery Site Infrastructure for Large Chicago-based Manufacturing

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Managed Services for National Healthcare Solutions Company

Provided Full Managed Services for Entire On-prem and DR Site Infrastructure for a National Healthcare Solutions Company.

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Managed Services and Colocation for School District

Provided Managed Services and Colocation for Large Illinois-based Charter School District.

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Notable Information on Storcom’s WorkSpace Recovery Colocation Solution

Storcom’s WorkSpace Recovery colocation facility provides the ability for the workforce of our clients to colocate to Storcom’s Chicagoland or Western Michigan data center in the event of a disaster, which is at the same physical location as the data recovery location that houses the servers and data our clients need to access. Storcom provides a unique benefit over some of the other solutions that leverage shared office locations for business continuity.

Storcom’s clients can have gigabit ethernet speed network access to their data just as if it was at their own office facility. This means that client server applications that traditionally move a lot of data can be run from our facility and perform seamlessly to eliminate risk and downtime. Most other IT service providers cannot offer this service to their clients, so Storcom has a competitive edge with our colocation solution.

Notable Information on How Storcom’s Colocation Can Help Save Our Clients’ Businesses

Storcom offers fully or partially-managed colocation services to help our clients make the first step out of the data center business easier. Storcom took traditional colocation and made it better with always-on services and support from our team of experts.

Many of Storcom’s clients own the hardware necessary to facilitate core operations, but lack the resources to properly power, cool, house and protect their equipment. Take advantage of Storcom’s experience building custom colocation and connectivity solutions to enhance your return on investment while reducing your CAPEX, OPEX, and TCO. Many organizations are making the same shift to streamline IT operations.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Colocation

Here is a checklist of questions our clients should ask themselves about data and disaster recovery: 

  • Do I Have a Data Recovery Plan?

If your company does not have a plan in place to recover files and data after a ransomware attack, natural disaster, or outage, then Storcom can help you develop a Data Recovery Roadmap to help you prepare for and prevent data loss.

  • Can I Afford Downtime?

Most small businesses cannot afford their business or mission-critical applications to go down for any significant amount of time. What makes things worse is if a company loses its data entirely. This has serious ramifications for any organization. On top of this, an unquantifiable amount of money is lost due to downtime tarnishing a company’s reputation.

  • How Long Can My Company Operate if Our Data is Inaccessible?

Most companies cannot operate during a ransomware attack if their files or computers have been locked, or if their mission or business-critical applications and data are inaccessible or lost for any number of different reasons. Since entire systems and critical files can be rendered inaccessible, most organizations struggle to keep operations afloat. Storcom’s WorkSpace Recovery solution will help your organization stay up and running if your systems go down. Don’t let downtime put you out of business for good.

Notable Information on How Companies Should Plan for a Disaster

BACKUP Your Data

Securely backup your data and send it to physical, off-site location(s) like Storcom’s T3 data center. You may also wish to have Storcom help you Evolve to the Cloud™ to utilize cloud storage. Either way, companies should be making backups on a regular basis to ensure minimal disruption in the event of lost data in a disaster.

TEST your disaster recovery plan

According to multiple studies, an astounding amount of businesses never carry out a test of their disaster recovery plan. Holding practice drills can help determine the overall effectiveness of the plan and alter any shortcomings and weaknesses prior to an actual disaster. This way, you can modify the plan if necessary to improve data recovery when it’s truly necessary.

ASSEMBLE a disaster recovery team

Your team should undergo regular training on how to prepare for a variety of different situations. Your disaster recovery plan should also be communicated to other key staff members, thus ensuring it’s understood by everyone and there are no missteps when carrying out a test.

MAINTAIN up-to-date employee contact information

If a disaster occurs when key IT personnel are out of the office, then you may need their latest contact details in case of an emergency. Contact details should be updated on a regular, periodic basis. It would be terrible if there was no way to access critical IT personnel due to an oversight in obtaining updated contact information. Do not let the small details slip through the cracks with your disaster recovery plan!

UPDATE your DR plan regularly

Businesses change and information technology constantly evolves; therefore, it is very important to revisit your disaster recovery plan regularly to make updates and changes. These changes may include a new cloud provider, antivirus software, data encryption method, etc. Don’t let your DR/BU plan fall by the wayside and become outdated. It should act as your insurance policy to ensure smooth operations in the event of chaotic situations.

Colocation Locations

Storcom’s tier three data centers in suburban Chicago, Illinois and Grand Rapids, Michigan both have colocation capabilities. We service the following cities and more:


Michigan Data Center:

Addison, Adrian, Advance, Ahmeek, Akron, Alanson, Alba, Albion, Alden, Algonac, Allegan, Allen, Allen Park, Allendale, Alma, Almont, Alpena, Alpha, Amasa, Ann Arbor, Applegate, Arcadia, Argentine, Armada, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Wyoming, Kentwood, Georgetown, Ottawa, Portage, Muskegon, Holland Charter Township, Plainfield Charter Township, Gaines Charter Township, Norton Shores, Walker, Kalamazoo Charter Township, Oshtemo Charter Township, Allendale Charter Township, Byron Township, Muskegon Charter Township, Park Township, Cascade Charter Township, Grand Rapids Charter Township, Grand Haven Charter Township, Grandville, Detroit, Battle Creek, New Buffalo, Sterling Heights, Warren, Flint, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Troy, Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Farmington, Huntington Woods, East Grand Rapids, Grosse Point Park, Grosse Pointe Woods, Berkley, Grosse Pointe Farms, Wolverine Lake, Plymouth, Grosse Pointe, Northville, Clawson Lake, Orion, Walled Lake, Milford, Forest Hills, Okemos, Beverly Hills, Livonia, Williamston, Marysville, Southfield, Taylor, Pontiac, St. Clair Shores, Kentwood, and more.




Learn how you can save money on backing up your precious data with Storcom. Storcom’s Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™ solution can save your business thousands in the event of a disaster. While you may not be able to foresee an accident or a ransomware attack, you can rest assured that your critical data is safe with Storcom.

  • 2TB
  • 4TB
  • 6TB
  • 8TB
  • 10TB
  • 12TB
  • 14TB

$558 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.

$1,116 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.

$1,674 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.

$2,232 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.

$2,790 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.

$3,348 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.

$3,906 / MONTH

Estimated cost for 2 terabytes of data storage.


Storcom can alleviate your concerns across the spectrum of information technology. We can create, design, and implement innovative solutions to keep your business operational and performing at its best.




Successful Disaster Recoveries


Evolved Businesses

Workspace Recovery FAQS

Learn more about workspace recovery with Storcom’s comprehensive library of definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.


What is the Main Issue with Public Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery?

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To put it simply, effective DR/BU is complex: it is not just about restoring VMs. It’s about the applications and the “what, where, and how” users will use these applications.


What are the Main Issues with Basic “Cloud Backup” as-a-Service Solutions?

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The data is off-site but does not provide the necessary capabilities to recover applications and meet SLAs.

Traditional legacy backup software falls short in today’s IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and virtualized environments.


What are the Challenges, Issues and Complexity to Backup/Data Recovery?

Learn More

Issues with traditional approach to backup and recovery:

  • Full backup windows extend beyond SLA requirements
  • Lengthy recovery windows can drastically impact business operations, customer experience, and revenue
  • Difficult to orchestrate or automate DR processes
  • Tests are run infrequently due to complexity and disruption concerns

How Do You Prevent Data Loss?

Learn More

Since ALL tape backups will fail at some point in time, organizations are quickly learning that tape is not always an adequate form of data backup. Tape drives can malfunction without showing warning signs, become corrupted due to accidental misformatting, mishandling, heat, or being hit by a virus, and this can make it impossible to recover your data. The best way to prevent tape backups from failing is to have a remote backup solution in place. Also known as “offsite backups” or “managed backups,” your data is secure and safe in a location that is not your office or data center.

It is more important than ever for companies to have a solid disaster recovery plan and data recovery strategy and an executable solution in place in order to prevent data loss.


What is Business Continuity (BC)?

Learn More

“Business continuity,” or “BC,” is the way that a business can maintain regular operations during an outage or systems malfunction. “Business continuity” should not be confused with “disaster recovery.”

What is DR/BU?

Learn More

“DR/BU” is short for “backup and disaster recovery.” Backup and disaster recovery is also often referred to as “BU/DR” or “DR/BC” (disaster recovery and business continuity).

“Disaster recovery” is the way in which data, servers, files, software applications, and operating systems are restored following a disastrous event or systems failure. It should not be confused with “business continuity,” although the two phrases are usually used in the same breath.


How Do I Remove Ransomware?

Learn More

Storcom’s team of experts can walk you through a data recovery strategy in order to regain access to your valuable data and information with our Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™.


What Do I Do in the Event of a Ransomware Attack?

Learn More

Besides calling Storcom’s Ransomware Recovery team of experts, businesses need to follow their ransomware removal protocol after they have been impacted by ransomware. If your organization does not have a plan in place, then Storcom can help you create your own Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™ prior to a ransomware attack. Ransomware prevention is key since data protection is high on the list of every IT executive and CEO’s business continuity strategy.


Storcom partners with best-in-class and emerging technology providers to enable our clients to stay on the cutting edge of information technology.


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