Storcom’s WiFi Security and Coverage Heatmap Assessment

Storcom’s Wi-Fi heatmap assessment is a graphical heatmap visualization that is representative of simulated (planning) or measured data (survey) overlaid on a floor plan. It depicts the physical structure in which the wireless network is being or has been deployed. This is a graphical illustration of the RF distribution footprint for your wireless 802.11xx technology plan. Storcom’s Wireless Security and Heatmap Assessment provides a highly accurate and standardized Wi-Fi survey. We use this to design, analyze, optimize, and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network. Storcom’s wireless assessment will also provide you with an illustration of signal strength of the expected wireless connection speed and coverage of your wireless network.

To better understand signal strength, we provided this chart to show what good, acceptable, and poor wireless signal strength looks like. Plus, their use cases at certain decibel milliwatts. The most important thing to understand about dBm (decibel milliwatts) is that they are calculated in negatives. This means that -30 is a higher signal than -90, since -90 is a much lower number.

Storcom’s wireless engineers meet with you to understand your wireless goals and challenges. We learn about your business as a whole plus your information technology-specific goals.  Storcom then offers a free Wi-Fi consultation on potential approaches and solutions to meet your wireless networking needs.

We thoroughly evaluate and analyze your company’s business goals and objectives.  Afterwards, Storcom’s Wireless Roadmap solution provides the documentation and reporting deliverables. These are necessary to plan a fast, secure, and reliable wireless network design that places strategic wireless access points for ample coverage.