Hybrid IT Services Model Solutions

Storcom’s Hybrid IT Services Model solutions enable the flexibility of a cloud environment while utilizing existing IT infrastructure

Hybrid IT Model Services in a Flexible Experience with Storcom

Storcom offers hybrid IT services models to our clients as a solution to modernize and update businesses’ IT needs.

A “hybrid IT model” is a computing approach commonly used by enterprises to run public cloud services alongside on-premise IT infrastructure. However, small-to-midsize companies are increasingly moving to a hybrid IT environment for various workloads and data needs. Cloud and digital technologies are growing at a breakneck pace, and a hybrid IT approach is the new standard for many organizations.

However, not all companies have adopted a cloud-first strategy nor are they able to move entirely to the Cloud. A hybrid IT solution with Storcom is a perfect way to fit these organization’s business outcome needs and maintain control over their data. Storcom can help you find the right cloud environment for your organization with our Cloud Enablement Roadmap® solution.

The adoption of a hybrid IT services model solution is spurred by three factors:


The first is the need to stay current with industry trends in order to quickly respond to business needs that are constantly changing.


The second is because of businesses’ desire to remain in control of their data.


Lastly, cloud components like software-as-a-service (SaaS) and storage-as-a-service (STaaS) are cost-effective.

Hybrid IT Explained

The term “Hybrid IT” is often used interchangeably with the term “Hybrid Cloud.” In plain terms, hybrid IT is a mix of cloud and on-premises IT services. Unlike hybrid cloud, cloud and on-premises infrastructure are not integrated to work as one in a hybrid IT model. Hybrid IT is becoming more and more common since industry standards are shifting towards cloud services and businesses and IT departments are being directed to move more of their data into the Cloud while working within the constraints of regulations and governance requirements.

For example, many companies use cloud services with applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, GitHub, Quickbooks, and more. These applications used to be provided by your company’s IT department; however, they are now outsourced to cloud providers.

Managed IT Managed Services for Large Manufacturing Company

Provided Full Managed Services for Entire On-Premises and Disaster Recovery Site Infrastructure for Large Chicago-based Manufacturing

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Managed Services for National Healthcare Solutions Company

Provided Full Managed Services for Entire On-prem and DR Site Infrastructure for a National Healthcare Solutions Company.

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Managed Services and Colocation for School District

Provided Managed Services and Colocation for Large Illinois-based Charter School District.

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Cloud Enablement Roadmap Infographic

We’ll help you find your path to the cloud. View Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap Infographic.

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Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™ Infographic

View Storcom’s Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™ Infographic.

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Notable Information on Storcom for Your Hybrid IT Needs

  • Storcom has ample experience analyzing our customers needs, usage, and will provide our Cloud Enablement Roadmap® solution for optimizing your needs in a comprehensive hybrid IT solution.
  • Storcom understands that not every company has the same needs, so we custom-tailor your solutions with your business goals in mind.

Hybrid IT Model Use Cases

  • If security concerns or regulations require some resources to remain on-prem
  • If an organization is still getting value out of their existing on-prem IT infrastructure
  • If a company needs or wants to maintain centralized IT control
  • There are legacy systems that cannot run in the Cloud
  • An organization is not ready to go entirely into the Cloud or if they are just beginning to try cloud services

Hybrid IT Services FAQS

Learn more about hybrid IT services with Storcom’s comprehensive library of definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

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What are the Benefits of a Hybrid IT Model?

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  • Potential cost savings
  • Increased security
  • The ability to keep certain data and applications in-house for more control
  • Flexibility to test the waters, and leverage the Cloud for what makes sense for your business
  • Combining the agility and scalability of the Cloud without the additional overhead and capital for cutting-edge IT infrastructure without removing and losing legacy investments
  • The ability to choose when, where, and how data is stored depending upon preference or regulatory/compliance requirements
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What are the Disadvantages of a Hybrid IT Model?

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  • Hybrid IT brings new challenges when data, workloads, and apps are spread across different locations, multiple clouds, and public and private infrastructure.
  • IT professionals must be diligent in order to maintain control, security, and visibility of hybrid IT environments.
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What are the Advantages of Using a Hybrid Cloud?

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The hybrid cloud allows for maximized IT utility, resilience, and agility. Public and private clouds have different areas where they each excel, so companies are able to reap the benefits of each platform when using a hybrid cloud solution. Private clouds enable organizations to scale up and down based on demand, which often comes with a lower cost, and private cloud solutions offer superior security and control. Some companies prefer that their critical data is stored in a private cloud, and other data and applications can be stored in a public cloud to lower cost. When using a hybrid cloud, your company is able to find the most suitable use cases for your IT environment and your cloud experience and utility is not limited by an either/or decision.

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How Do We Migrate to a Multi-Cloud Environment?

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Migration to a multi-cloud environment leverages multiple cloud platforms for different purposes. When migrating to a multi-cloud environment, it is very important to do a thorough analysis of your applications and your data to properly leverage each platform for its optimal usage. Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ can help plan your evolution to the multi-cloud environment.

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How Do We Migrate Data to a Public or Private Cloud?

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Companies have several options to perform data transfers from local data centers to a public or private cloud which depends on the type of data being moved and how quickly the migration needs to be completed. A company can:

  • Use the public internet
  • Create a dedicated, private network connection
  • Perform an offline transfer, which is where a company uploads their data onto an appliance and ships it to a cloud provider who then uploads the data into the Cloud.
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We Tried to Migrate to the Cloud But We Are Facing Problems, Can Storcom Help?

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Of course! Storcom can correct poorly-executed cloud migrations at any stage in the process. In fact, we are experts in problematic migrations! There are no problems that we cannot solve. There are scenarios where a migration has been done improperly, and a public cloud can not be utilized. In these cases, Storcom has assisted in migrating from public to private clouds.

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How Can I Mitigate the Pitfalls of Migrating to the Cloud?

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Planning and creating a cloud migration strategy which evaluates security requirements, cloud providers, data, applications, architecture, infrastructure, and performance is of the utmost importance. This is where Storcom can help! Our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ helps you get to the Cloud both safely and securely. We help enterprises Evolve to the Cloud™, and our unparalleled white-glove, high-touch approach helps our clients understand the process from inception to completion.

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What are the Challenges of Cloud Migration?

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Without proper planning or a migration strategy in place beforehand, enterprises can face inoperability, lack of portability for applications and data, loss of data security and integrity, and disruptions in business continuity. These challenges can increase IT costs and negatively affect workload performance if not handled and addressed early on in the planning stages.

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Will Cloud Migration Increase Business Agility?

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Of course! Migrating to the Cloud increases agility, which enables your organization to move quickly and react accordingly to market conditions. Utilizing the Cloud helps organizations speed up their time to market and frees up employee’s time and resources to focus on innovation.


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