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Storcom has been early adopters of the most powerful IT data storage offerings in the industry. We offer the best data storage solutions from our elite technology partners like Dell/EMC, HPE, Pure Storage, Nutanix, and more to our business clients.

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Storcom has the expertise to architect, implement, manage, and support the right data storage solution for our clients’ current workload environment. We align data storage solutions with your business objectives to make the most impact.

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Why Choose Storcom as Your IT Storage Provider?

Storcom knows the IT data storage landscape. We have been a data storage solutions provider for more than 20 years. We have evolved as IT storage technologies have advanced. We know data storage and we have invested significant resources into understanding and analyzing the IT storage landscape. Storcom can help you reduce the risk and the time it takes for you to select the right data storage technology for your current and future IT needs. We test all of the data storage solutions we sell and use them in-house as well as in our data centers!

Every business has different needs and requirements for a new data storage solution. This means that a company doesn’t need to rapidly transition to all-flash or completely alter data storage strategies overnight simply because the information technology industry says to do so. It’s possible to reduce IT data storage management complexity and optimize your organization’s data center across workloads over time. Storcom can help you leverage the right data storage solution to transform your data center’s capabilities and gain a competitive advantage for your business.

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Storcom understands that IT data storage needs are on the rise across all enterprise sizes, and this trend appears to be continuing due to exponential data growth. Adapting to data growth and the necessity to store it safely is not just a matter of selecting a different storage management software or a new data storage solution.

Rather, doing data storage properly requires finding an IT service provider that best understands your company and your data’s needs. Storcom doesn’t simply sell you a data storage solution, we do a deep-dive into your environment to ensure that the IT storage solutions we provide are best suited for your company.

Managed Services and Colocation for School District

Provided Managed Services and Colocation for Large Illinois-based Charter School District.

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Managed IT Managed Services for Large Manufacturing Company

Provided Full Managed Services for Entire On-Premises and Disaster Recovery Site Infrastructure for Large Chicago-based Manufacturing

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Multifaceted Solution Strategy for American Manufacturer

Designed and implemented multiple data storage solutions and data protection strategies for a large American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-end tools and equipment.

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Recover By Storcom™ Infographic

Let Storcom keep you afloat after a critical loss. View the Recover By Storcom Infographic.

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Cloud Enablement Roadmap Infographic

We’ll help you find your path to the cloud. View Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap Infographic.

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Notable Information on Storcom’s Data Storage Evaluations

Storage Area Network Needs

Our SAN solutions offer dependable performance with the flexibility to scale. Leveraging a number of different Storage technologies to find the right class \ tier of storage for your data needs.  Choose from a variety of storage models, including block and file-level access.

Network File System Needs

Storcom can manage the location of all your file systems on volumes. When a file system outgrows the space on its volume, then it needs more space. An activity in a file system can be so large that response time slows, so the file system needs to be managed. Since file systems can span volumes, and adding files and extending existing files, Storcom can help manage your file systems to free up IT resources and time.

Performance Requirements 

Storage is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Determining the right storage for your company’s needs is difficult and many vendors only look at quantitative benchmarks like input/output operations per second (IOPS), latency, and throughput. Storcom understands that you need to look at qualitative measures in order to give a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s storage needs. We look at the utility of various storage features and also their ease of use. We want to make sure that you are easily able to access your data whenever and wherever you need it.

Data Protection Needs 

Data growth is becoming one of the greatest challenges in information technology.  Storcom provides flexible, scalable solutions that can grow with your complex data needs. We provide multiple tiers of storage, from ultra low latency high-performance flash storage to deep archive storage with a cost model that makes sense for your data needs. We also provide the tools to analyze your data to determine exactly the right kind of storage that should be utilized.

How You Can Expand Your Company’s Existing Data Storage

Small-to-medium enterprises are experiencing tremendous growth in data. As a result, data storage expansion is necessary at times. In order to prevent data retrieval from becoming a pain point for your company, you need to work with an IT service provider that understands how, when, and where you access your data. A company like Storcom can set tiers for your data, and classify its importance in order to save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Expanding your existing storage might seem like a daunting task; however, Storcom strives to make this process as painless as possible and ensures that your data storage needs have room to grow. Whether it be upgrading your data center, update your storage area network, enabling your evolution to the Cloud, or mirroring your data across two different locations to ensure continuity, Storcom can help! We understand that companies who prepare for growth and implement innovative data storage technologies have a competitive edge over their competition.

How You Can Protect Your Storage From Ransomware

In this day and age, ransomware is becoming more and more common. The statistics on ransomware are startling. Most organizations cannot withstand operations during or after a ransomware attack. The upfront cost of paying a ransom demand is crippling to an organization; however, the unquantifiable toll of damage to a brand’s reputation is something else to consider. Don’t let yourself become paralyzed or lose your business entirely because of ransomware. Storcom’s Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™(LLT-link to page) can help you protect your company from ransomware by walking you through the process to achieve the following:

  • Installing active and up-to-date endpoint protection, antivirus, or anti-malware software solutions
  • Deploying a storage solution that implements point-in-time copies
  • Installing anti-data encryptors, which can prevent malware from blocking your access to your data
  • Installing anti-spam, which is paramount for reducing an organization’s exposure to email-borne threats like suspicious links, infected downloads, malicious downloads, malware-filled websites, etc.
  • Installing backup storage solutions for your files either in the Cloud or on-premise
  • Promoting malware awareness and security training to help your company’s employees recognize the types of emails to avoid and which websites are safe to visit

Data Storage Solutions FAQS

Learn more about data storage solutions with Storcom’s comprehensive library of definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is My Data Storage Protected in the Event of a Disaster?

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Not necessarily. The safety of your data is dependent upon a number of different factors from storage methods, firewalls, encryption, backups, how your company’s users are accessing the data, and a host of other variables.

Data protection is defined as the safeguarding of your organization’s important information from corruption, compromise, or disaster-induced loss. It is one of the most overlooked aspects of information technology. With Recover by Storcom, your data is always secure. We use best-in-class security vendors to ensure that your data is always available, even in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack.

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What’s the Difference Between Tiering and Caching?

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While “storage tiering” and “caching” are often used interchangeably, especially when discussing flash media, they are actually two different processes with different definitions. “Tiered data” resides on one media but moves between media as patterns of data access change. “Caching” places a copy of data on a high-performance mechanism like solid-state memory or dynamic RAM in order to improve performance. Cached data ultimately also resides on a lower storage tier like a hard-disk drive, while tiered storage moves data to a different storage mechanism and selects a location that adjusts availability, performance, and cost of storing the data.

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Why is Storage Tiering Important?

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Storage isn’t completed by just storing more and more data. Categorizing and identifying your data and information is equally as important. Storage tiering is paramount because it can be costly if done improperly. If your company is spending money on data that can easily be archived instead of “always on,” then your overall IT spend might not be properly optimized and other activities may be suffering as a result. If some systems takes hours to trawl back with data and information that you need, then your overall business might not be optimized properly. Storcom can help you tier your data to save you money and free up your IT team’s time and money. We understand the special sauce in IT storage: simplifying, standardizing, and automating your data storage infrastructure so you can focus on business instead of the technology that supports it.

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What Tiered Storage Solution Do I Need?

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Each company is different with respect to data storage. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and you should be leery of companies who say it is. Storage is unique to each individual company. One company, even in a similar industry, may not have the same data storage needs as another.

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What is “hot data”?

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Hot data is data in which a company needs to access frequently. It tends to be business-critical or mission-critical data in which access needs to be rapid. Hot data tends to be stored in Tier 0 and Tier 1.

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What Are the 5 Types of Tier Storage and What Data Do They Store?

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Tier 0 is defined as the solid-state memory-based storage used to improve performance beyond that which Tier 1 storage offers. Tier 0 storage had traditionally been in the form of a RAM disk which was quite costly; however, that is changing.

Tier 1 is where “hot data” (the data that businesses need to use daily) is stored, and that may be contained in either flash (solid-state) or hard disk drive.

Tier 2 is typically backup data that is stored on hard disk drives (HDDs) or in a cloud.

Tier 3 archives content that was conventionally stored on older hard-disk drives or digital tape drives. This data is rarely accessed but needs to be stored indefinitely.

Tier 4 tends to host the most amount of data for compliance requirements. State and federal civil courts often require companies to produce old emails and documents that sometimes go back years, and so old data needs to be preserved. This data does not have to be accessible immediately, therefore it can be stored in less costly manners.

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What is Tiered Storage?

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Tiered storage assigns different categories of data to different types of media with the goal of reducing overall storage costs. Tiered storage architecture ranks data in a hierarchy based on its overall business value. Performance and cost of the media determine the tier in which the data is placed. Also, data is ranked in a tier by the frequency in which the data is accessed by users. Typically, the most important and business-critical data is paired with the fastest storage media, thus it is the most expensive. A traditional configuration has a fast tier of flash storage in order to achieve performance, and secondary data that is less critical may be kept on tape, disk, or in the Cloud. Archive tiers are composed of data that needs to be kept indefinitely.

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What is Storage-as-a-Service?

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Storage-as-a-Service is a business model where companies lease or rent its storage infrastructure from another company in order to store their data. Nearly 100% of businesses use some type of cloud-based Software-as-as-Service (SaaS); however, it is estimated that only 30% of IT organizations are using Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS). This method can save companies money since they only pay for the space they use, and don’t let precious resources go to waste.

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What is Cloud Storage?

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Cloud storage is the newest IT trend in storage; however, make no mistake: cloud storage is here to stay. Companies of all shapes and sizes are migrating their data to cloud systems in order to handle expanding data requirements. Some organizations use the Cloud to supplement local server storage, other organizations see the scalability and economical practicality of getting rid of on-prem data centers entirely.

Think of data storage like traditional storage. If you have too much furniture in your house, but you don’t want to get rid of it, then you can move it into a self-storage facility and free up your living space. This is the same with the Cloud. Organizations can move their data to the Cloud, thus freeing up space on-premises.


Storcom partners with best-in-class and emerging technology providers to enable our clients to stay on the cutting edge of information technology.

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IT Data Storage Solutions Insights and Trends

Learn more about the latest news and trends in IT data storage solutions. 

Storcom and HPE Nimble Storage Video

What is HPE Nimble? At Storcom, we’re a high-touch IT solutions provider that’s focused on the management, movement, and protection of data for more than twenty years – and over those two decades, we’ve been early adopters of many emerging solutions, including Nimble Storage. Nimble’s game-changing solutions combine predictive analytics from HPE InfoSight with a multi-cloud flash fabric to create an all-flash storage platform that’s incredibly efficient, reliably fast, radically simple, and ready for everything you need to do in the cloud. InfoSight uses AI and global intelligence to not only simplify storage management, but also create a self-improving and self-healing infrastructure that transforms the support experience into one you’ll actually like since many problems are resolved before you even realize there’s an issue. And with Nimble’s multi-cloud flash fabric, you can deliver fast and reliable flash storage to all your applications under a single, scalable architecture – whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. As the first Nimble partner in the Midwest, Storcom has unparalleled experience with Nimble technology and can help you take advantage of it to simplify data storage and infrastructure support both now, and in the future. Contact us today to schedule a demo to learn how Nimble Storage can help you create better business and IT outcomes.

Dell EMC PowerStore Family Spec Sheet

The ground-breaking Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of operational simplicity and agility, utilizing a containerbased architecture, advanced storage technologies, and intelligent automation to unlock the power of your data. Based on a scale-out architecture and hardware-accelerated advanced data reduction, PowerStore is designed to deliver enhanced resource utilization and performance that keeps pace with application and system growth. 

Dell EMC PowerStore Appliance Data Sheet

The groundbreaking new PowerStore family eliminates traditional tradeoffs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes both traditional and modern workloads.

HPE SimpliVity Technical Deep Dive and Demo

Please join Dave Kluger of Storcom, and Lance Hagert and James Kohlbeck of HPE, for a replay of our technical deep dive and demo of HPE SimpliVity webinar …

Introduction to HCI: HPE SimpliVity Overview Storcom and HPE SimpliVity have teamed up to create this fantastic video on hyper-converged infrastructure and how HPE …

Remote Work Readiness Part 2: Virtual Collaboration – Cloud File-Sharing

Storcom is hosting a 4-part series on Remote Work Readiness. In today’s world amidst the current pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. Storcom’s second installation is focusing on Cloud File-Sharing solutions, from Microsoft Azure Files, OneDrive, and Storcom’s own CloudFilez™ solution.

HPE SimpliVity Brief 2020

HPE SimpliVity brief for 2020. 

Enterprises are still spending on data centers. What gives?

Synergy Research Group’s review of enterprise IT spending during the last 10 years shows that “annual spending on cloud infrastructure services has gone from virtually zero to almost $100 billion.” No surprise here. However, “enterprise spending on data center hardware and software has been stagnant through much of the decade.” Huh? Not declining?What’s most interesting about this analysis is that core IT spending doubled during the same time period, with the cloud seeing most of that growt…

Hyperconverged infrastructure offers proven benefits for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

An intelligent hyperconverged (HCI) architecture can be the answer for businesses that demand innovation and agility, especially when limited IT resources support a distributed workforce.  These are challenging times for businesses in every corner of the world. Increasing pressure to streamline operations and an unprecedented need to enable remote workforces have accelerated IT modernization projects. To help drive business innovation and maintain agility, organizations first need to elimin…

Overcoming IT infrastructure concerns with composable infrastructure

HPE OneView is the foundation of software-defined infrastructureOvercoming IT infrastructure concerns with composable infrastructureIT organizations around the world are having concerns when it comes to managing their complex IT infrastructure. According to IDC, many IT organizations continue to be challenged with the excessive time needed for manually provisioning tasks such as firmware and BIOS updates. This only increases the chance for errors due to non-automated processes. Need drives…

Data-center survey: IT seeks faster switches, intelligent computing

The growth in data use and consumption means the needs of IT managers are changing, and a survey from Omdia (formerly IHS Markit) found data-center operators are looking for intelligence of all sorts, not just the artificial kind.Omdia analysts recently surveyed IT leaders from 140 North American enterprises with at least 101 employees working in North American offices and data centers and asked them what features they wanted the most in their networking technology.The results say respondent…

Announcing NimbleOS 5.2: Continuing Our Track Record of Innovation for HPE Nimble Storage

SmartSAN (aka Target Driven Zoning)SmartSAN – Simplifying FC Deployments!This is a cool one! Using the Fibre Channel PeerZone standard, Nimble arrays can now auto-zone your hosts to your volumes automatically in the switch fabric without you needing to do a thing! HPE dub this technology SmartSAN – however you may also hear of this as Target Driven Zoning (TDZ) – the terminology is interchangable.SmartSAN/TDZ makes Fibre Channel almost as simple to consume as Ethernet… without the shag …

Cisco Intersight + Hitachi storage: Now integrated for better orchestration of storage and virtual environments

As we continue to create new extensions and value for Cisco Intersight, I’m pleased to announce a Tech Preview of our latest integration with Hitachi. This integration helps simplify and automate the orchestration of data centers leveraging Hitachi storage and underlying VMware datastores.A SaaS management platform, Intersight helps eliminate operational siloes and provides visibility, intelligence, and automation across a distributed, heterogeneous computing environment. Organizations can …

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader – Five Years in a Row

Thanks to you, our valued customers, partners and employees, we did it again! For the fifth year in a row, Gartner named Dell Technologies a Leader in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage1 – a Leader every year since the commencement of this report.According to the Gartner report, “Vendors in the Leaders quadrant have the highest scores for their Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.”1 Dell Technologies is positioned highest and furthest for its a…

Dell Technologies and Splunk Go to the Races with McLaren

It’s no understatement to say that McLaren Automotive’s Formula 1 team runs on data—and that for them, performance is everything.Each of McLaren’s Formula 1 race cars carries more than 300 sensors and generates over 13,000 data points for fuel levels, tire pressure, speed, battery health and more. One car generates 1.5 terabytes of data over a race weekend, with the whole fleet generating 12 billion telemetry points during a single race season. But as Paul Brimacombe, Head of IT Infrastruct…

Dell Technologies Advances Storage and Data Protection for VMware Environments

Dell Technologies and VMware have a long history of bringing new solutions to market together, delivering immense value to organizations of all sizes. As businesses and users rely more heavily on applications and an increased need for business resiliency, VMware and Dell Technologies are announcing a host of new options that customers can leverage to modernize their applications and infrastructure. These solutions will allow organizations to simplify VMware management, automate data protecti…

Three New Reasons to Use PowerScale OneFS to Tackle Unstructured Data

It’s estimated that unstructured data (file or object) often accounts for nearly 80% of the data footprint of an organization. That amount of data is expected to grow year-over-year and is increasingly spread out across core data centers and clouds, causing significant complexity for customers.Think about it – more businesses are looking at hybrid and multi-cloud options that provide simplified management and automation capabilities. Organizations are looking for solutions that provide the …

New Dell EMC PowerMax Updates Push the Boundaries of High-End Storage

Two years ago, Dell Technologies unleashed the world’s fastest storage array, Dell EMC PowerMax, delivering new levels of performance and scalability with the industry’s richest feature-set, helping customers address pressing IT challenges of today and tomorrow. Last year, we were the first vendor to introduce storage class memory as persistent storage.Today, we push the boundaries of high-end storage further with new PowerMax features and enhancements designed to help simplify the manageme…

ESG validation: Small-yet-mighty HPE SimpliVity delivers the goods – plus significant cost savings

New Enterprise Strategy Group report validates the economic benefits of the HPE SimpliVity 325 hyperconverged platform. The detailed analysis reveals significantly better start-up costs and overall cost savings over a three-year period when the highly dense platform is compared to traditional 3-tier architecture, public cloud services, or other vendors’ HCI offerings. The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) just published a new economic validation report and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to sha…

Level up Nimble Storage enterprise security with KMIP-integrated SmartSecure Encryption at Rest

Data security and protection is a hot topic. It feels like not a day goes by in which a new report of an organisation being compromised by data hacking, ransomware or man-in-the-middle attacks. And as IT operations move towards a truly intelligent data management consumption model across private and public clouds, looking after and protecting the data and it’s integrity through it’s lifecycle is critical.HPE Nimble Storage has always been at the forefront of innovation for our customers. I…

HPE Nimble Storage: 10 years of disruptive innovation – and so much more to come

For the last 10 years, HPE Nimble Storage has been redefining the storage landscape with game-changing innovations across intelligence, predictive support, and hybrid cloud. By rethinking and modernizing storage, we’ve empowered our customers to accelerate applications, drive agility, and speed innovation.This year, HPE Nimble Storage is celebrating a decade of turbo-charged, customer-driven, industry-disrupting innovation. The first Nimble Storage array shipped in 2010 with a clear purpose…

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI wins a Best of VMworld recognition

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI was chosen as a Best of VMworld in the category of Virtualization, Cloud Infrastructure, and DevOps. Wow – I didn't see that coming! What an honor for HPE to be selected by the judges as an award winner. I have only seen a quote from the judges but I started thinking why did they and TechTarget pick HPE Nimble Storage dHCI as a Best of VMworld winner. I think the judges saw several things:The value that our HCI 2.0 focus has driven us to eliminate the trade-offs ma…

HPE Primera Storage celebrates one year!

One-year into this new era, we could not be more excited for our customers and partners! Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your business; to our channel, alliance & ISV partners for believing in this bold approach; and of course, to our world-class value chain for making the 1st year of HPE Primera such a remarkable success. — It has been a great 1st year, and we cannot be more excited about the future that lies ahead.My, oh my, how time flies. September 2020 marks one year …

HPE StoreEver tape: the more it grows, the less expensive it gets

A new report from the Enterprise Strategy Group[1] endorses these benefits. Aside from its durability, reliability and security guarantees, HPE StoreEver tape is the most cost-effective solution for storing data for long periods – and by a significant margin.In any business, a mix of technologies must come together to preserve, protect and manage data. Each will have its own unique qualities. Some are blisteringly fast, others able to expand to manage a seemingly insurmountable increase in …

HPE Primary Storage + vSphere CNS + vVols = better together

Containers and Kubernetes have started to be adopted widely. With more applications being containerized and developers leveraging Kubernetes to design their applications, persistent volume has become much more critical within the Kubernetes ecosystem. Keeping that in mind HPE released its own Container Storage Interface (CSI). CSI is an industry standard (CNCF) that will enable storage providers (SP) to develop a plugin once and have it work across several container orchestration (CO) system…

New HPE MSA Storage gets down to business for Microsoft workloads

The HPE MSA storage array is known for its flash-enabled performance that made app acceleration possible on even a modest IT budget.  Looking at it from the perspective of Microsoft business workloads such as SQL Server, it’s a platform that lets IT teams accomplish more for less.  With this new generation of HPE MSA Storage, we’re seeing valuable new areas of functionality, more intelligent management, and new ways that it saves money vs. even popular infrastructure approaches.Best practic…

Introducing HPE MSA Gen6 Storage: Hands-Free, High Performance, and Simpler than Ever

Announcing HPE MSA Gen6, the next generation of HPE entry level storage. New high-performance models match today’s workloads, automating and simplifying IT processes, and protecting business data anywhere. The affordable modern storage arrays include a choice of HDD and SSD media. I have great news for small to midsize businesses! HPE has just announced HPE MSA Gen6, our next generation SMB SAN storage solution. HPE Modular Smart Arrays (MSAs) let businesses secure their most valuable data …

HPE Primera: Re-defining expectations for mission-critical storage

There has never been a greater need for enterprise storage that is built for self-service, and backed by AI-driven operations. HPE is pioneering a simple, on-demand experience for mission-critical storage. With HPE Primera, we bring cloud agility on premises while delivering extreme availability and performance. And we will continue to invest in tools that will further personify the self-service experience of HPE Primera.When’s the last time you fumbled through a product manual for help wi…

Brand new HPE Nimble Storage Chalk Talk

In this ATSB article, I want to share the latest Chalk Talk that focuses on the value proposition and answers the question, what's the big deal about HPE Nimble Storage. Back in May 2017, shortly after HPE acquired Nimble Storage, I did a Chalk Talk to explain the value of Nimble. About a year later, we announced the next generation of HPE Nimble Storage and I did another Chalk Talk looking at the portfolio, really focused on the things that we were doing with the product family. If you don…

HPE Apollo 4000 and Scality deliver a modern surveillance solution to Irish Prison Services

Capturing video data and retaining this data for years is an emerging use-case across several industry verticals, and requires re-thinking of your IT strategy. Learn more about HPE’s approach to video data management in this case study featuring the Irish Prison Service.Nowadays, video data could be from high-definition cameras which can run into petabytes very quickly. Most organizations manage hundreds or even thousands of such cameras, either within the facility or throughout cities for…

Hands-free driving for your IT storage? HPE Primera now among AI’s most elite

Hands-free driving now extends to your HPE Primera array. That’s because with today’s HPE announcement, we’ve now reached the final mile in the world of AI: intelligence that acts on your behalf to ensure your mission-critical apps are always-on and always-fast.Have you ever driven by an open parking spot and then circled the block just to avoid the stress of parallel parking? I have. And even worse than parallel parking is parallel parking while others observe. I used to try to play it coo…

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