Storcom offers 24/7/365 around-the-clock support

Storcom Offers Peace of Mind with Advanced Technical Support

Storcom’s customers never have to worry about dealing with frustrating call centers or automated response systems in order to get support for technical issues. Whether a client needs help during the week, on weekends, or overnight assistance, then one of Storcom’s highly-trained engineers will be available to resolve any of your problems 24/7/365!

Storcom’s technical support staff is unparalleled. We only hire the best! Storcom does not employ entry-level engineers to field our clients’ technical issues and only solve entry-level problems that delay the necessary escalation process. We staff routinely-trained engineers who maintain certifications in all relevant technologies. Storcom’s support team is based entirely in the United States, and we have a vested interest in understanding your company’s infrastructure, hardware, software, and overall business needs in order to address concerns promptly and efficiently.


Increase Efficiency

Modern technologies help increase the efficiency of your IT department.


Reduce Risk

Storcom reduces clients’ risk by designing, testing, and implementing all of the solutions we represent in-house so our clients don’t take a gamble with a solution that might not be conducive for their environment.


Control IT Spend

Storcom helps you maintain predictable IT spend for solutions and services that solve gaps in your environment.


24/7/365 Availability

We offer top-notch customer service and support to all of our clients.

Excellent Support is Storcom’s Priority

Storcom acts as an extension of your IT department, so our white-glove approach to customer service and technical support is a top priority. We are so transparent and confident with our services that our clients have every team member’s phone number and email address going up the ladder of our company–all the way to the CEO!

How We Help


Storcom has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions for our clients to better understand IT terminology and concepts.


What are the Benefits of a Hybrid IT Model?

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  • Potential cost savings
  • Increased security
  • The ability to keep certain data and applications in-house for more control
  • Flexibility to test the waters, and leverage the Cloud for what makes sense for your business
  • Combining the agility and scalability of the Cloud without the additional overhead and capital for cutting-edge IT infrastructure without removing and losing legacy investments
  • The ability to choose when, where, and how data is stored depending upon preference or regulatory/compliance requirements

What is the Main Issue with Public Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery?

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To put it simply, effective DR/BU is complex: it is not just about restoring VMs. It’s about the applications and the “what, where, and how” users will use these applications.


What are the Main Issues with Basic “Cloud Backup” as a Service Solutions?

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The data is off-site but does not provide the necessary capabilities to recover applications and meet SLAs.

Traditional legacy backup software falls short in today’s IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and virtualized environments.


What are the Challenges, Issues and Complexity to Backup/Data Recovery?

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Issues with traditional approach to backup and recovery:

  • Full backup windows extend beyond SLA requirements
  • Lengthy recovery windows can drastically impact business operations, customer experience, and revenue
  • Difficult to orchestrate or automate DR processes
  • Tests are run infrequently due to complexity and disruption concerns

How Do You Prevent Data Loss?

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Since ALL tape backups will fail at some point in time, organizations are quickly learning that tape is not always an adequate form of data backup. Tape drives can malfunction without showing warning signs, become corrupted due to accidental misformatting, mishandling, heat, or being hit by a virus, and this can make it impossible to recover your data. The best way to prevent tape backups from failing is to have a remote backup solution in place. Also known as “offsite backups” or “managed backups,” your data is secure and safe in a location that is not your office or data center.

It is more important than ever for companies to have a solid disaster recovery plan and data recovery strategy and an executable solution in place in order to prevent data loss.


What is business continuity?

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“Business continuity” is the way that a business can maintain regular operations during an outage or systems malfunction. “Business continuity” should not be confused with “disaster recovery.”


What is DR/BU?

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“DR/BU” is short for “backup and disaster recovery.” Backup and disaster recovery is also often referred to as “BU/DR” or “DR/BC” (disaster recovery and business continuity).

“Disaster recovery” is the way in that data, servers, files, software applications, and operating systems are restored following a disastrous event or systems failure. It should not be confused with “business continuity,” although the two phrases are usually used in the same breath.


What are the Disadvantages of a Hybrid IT Model?

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  • Hybrid IT brings new challenges when data, workloads, and apps are spread across different locations, multiple clouds, and public and private infrastructure.
  • IT professionals must be diligent in order to maintain control, security, and visibility of hybrid IT environments.

How Can I Protect My Company Against Rogue Access Points?

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It is important to check your Wi-Fi network frequently to see if any unapproved access points have been added to the system.  Companies should keep a list of approved access points in a managed access point list, and should check if they are connected to the secure network. If necessary, Storcom can help add wireless intrusion prevention systems from one of our vendors like Cisco or Aruba Networks in order to monitor the network’s radio spectrum and root out unauthorized/rogue access points.

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