Managed IT Managed Services for Large Manufacturing Company

Provided Full IT Managed Services for Entire On-Premises and DR Site Infrastructure for Large Chicago-based Manufacturing Company Specializing in Custom Commercial LED Lighting and Design

“Before Storcom was involved, downtime was a regular occurrence that we simply accepted. Now that has dramatically changed, which is why we really benefit from Storcom’s managed IT services, and why we are using Storcom to help us implement the next phase in our digital transformation.”  – CEO, of a large Chicago-based manufacturing company specializing in custom commercial LED lighting and design

a. Challenges

This large manufacturing company had an IT staff that was not capable of managing their on-prem IT infrastructure. They had numerous outages, downtime, and loss of data. As a result, the overall business was suffering. There was no accountability for these critical mistakes, and this proved to be a challenge that the new Chief Information Officer had to remedy.

b. Storcom’s Solution

Storcom was hired to present an IT managed services solution to bring in an entire specialized team and provide ongoing managed services that leveraged technologists from security to virtualization and data protection. An organization this size would not have had access to these resources without an extremely large budget. Storcom knew that once the systems returned to a stable operating state, then this environment could be managed on a day-to-day basis with a smaller staff; however, there would still be a varying need for high-level engineers on a periodic basis. Therefore, this is why leveraging Storcom’s managed services made perfect sense as a holistic IT solution

c. Results

Storcom has provided managed services to this company for three years with near-zero downtime and zero loss of data. Additionally, this company is embarking on the next phase of their digital IT transformation by using Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™.

d. Tools Utilized

  • Provided IT managed services across the entire HPE 3PAR, C7000 Blade infrastructure
  • Running VMware vSphere and Windows Server 2008-2016


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