Cloud Enablement for Manufacturing Company

Cloud Enablement Roadmap® for a Large Chicago-Based Manufacturing Company Specializing in Custom Commercial LED Lighting and Design

“With Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™, our company has a clear vision for our future in IT.” – CIO of Large-Chicago-Based Manufacturing Company Specializing in Custom Commercial LED Lighting and Design

a. Business Challenges:

Storcom’s client, a large manufacturing company, was faced with looming infrastructructure upgrades for their current on-prem compute and storage needs. They were additionally trying to provide better availability for their business and the applications that IT was responsible for hosting. This organization felt that moving their applications to the public cloud was the best strategy long-term. By investing in the right network infrastructure upgrades, this would allow our client the greatest flexibility and scalability to allow their business to evolve with changing requirements as their business was going through hyper-growth.

Since they are a manufacturing company, they were also faced with a very unique set of challenges on top of the normal considerations companies face when migrating to the cloud. The physical element of manufacturing changes the dynamic of how applications will communicate with devices like handheld scanners when applications are moved off-premises.

Another challenge was that there were a number of legacy applications that needed to be upgraded and potentially rewritten as cloud-native during the same time period, which added to the complexity of this project.

b. Storcom’s Solution

Storcom was brought in to build a three-year cloud migration strategy leveraging our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™. Storcom evaluated legacy applications that could have potentially been rewritten as cloud-native. We also looked at the main ERP system which could not initially be ported to cloud-native, but needed to be moved off-prem in a “lift and shift” model, and how all of these applications including the CAD systems the designers used would interact. Next, Storcom evaluated how applications would be moved to the public cloud and what the cost would look like as that migration occurred because of the complex interactions between on-prem and off-prem devices.

c. Results

Storcom is now in the process of executing our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ in order to provide a strategy for our client’s evolution to the cloud. Storcom is conducting major upgrades to the client’s network in order to provide the necessary resiliency since the core applications will now be hosted in a public cloud. We are also starting to rebuild legacy applications as cloud-native and are providing the initial development environment for the current ERP system that will be migrated into the public cloud after full testing. This organization is already starting to reap the benefits of this strategy and now has a concise understanding of what their strategy will be over the next three years to ultimately enable the CIO’s vision of the direction of the company to fruition.

d. Tools/Solutions Utilized

For this project, Storcom implemented our patented Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ offering which consists of unique consulting methodology along with a set of industry-standard and custom tools in order to collect data.


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