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Operational Recovery Replication vs. CDP (Continuous Data Protection)

Operational Recovery Replication vs. CDP (Continuous Data Protection)   What are the Big Differences?   Well… There are a lot of differences!  Both operational recovery replication and CDP serve a similar purpose, but they achieve their goals very differently. Let’s first start off with a high-level primer of each.   I want to focus on replication vs. […]

Colocation Service Solution Provider

Storcom’s Colocation Blog  Our colocation services are the solution to your data center problems You can deploy and manage your existing infrastructure in our best-in-class T3 data center powered by 360TCS with colocation, thus eliminating the hassle and cost of running your own data center. You can also leverage Storcom’s experts who are adept at […]

Recover By Storcom™ Infographic

Learn more about Recover by Storcom™ and our disaster recovery and business continuity offering with our creative new infographic. Storcom keeps your critical data safe in case of a natural disaster or data loss.   If you are interested in learning more about our disaster recovery solutions, then please contact us today!

Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™ Infographic

Learn more about Storcom’s Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Roadmap™ solution. Our creative new infographic discusses our process and methodology. This infographic also contains an important checklist to ensure that you can answer these questions to prepare for a cyber attack.