How is Storcom CloudFilez™ Similar to Azure Files?

Here is a brief overview of how Storcom CloudFilez™ solution is similar in capabilities to Azure Files:


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  • No VPN Client needed to access file data in the cloud 
  • Storcom CloudFilez™ provides CIFS access to files via Remote UNC that can be a mapped drive on a local PC
  • Storcom CloudFilez™ provides a local cache sync server for on-prem file synchronization and local LAN speed file access 
  • Storcom CloudFilez™ provides a secure method of connecting to your remote file shares via SMBv3 
  • Storcom CloudFilez™ provides a versioning and backup copy of data
  • You still have access to your Microsoft 365 environment for any type of collaboration that may be required through Microsoft 365, files from legacy shares can be uploaded into any office online application just like Azure Files
  • Can provide a home directory replacement for legacy home directors  or as an alternative to Microsoft OneDrive. 

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