FAQ Category: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the newest IT trend in storage; however, make no mistake: cloud storage is here to stay. Companies of all shapes and sizes are migrating their data to cloud systems in order to handle expanding data requirements. Some organizations use the Cloud to supplement local server storage, other organizations see the scalability and […]

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

A network attached storage (NAS) is similar to having an on-prem cloud. It’s not large like a public cloud but it is often best-suited for small-to-medium enterprises, as opposed to a Storage Area Network, since NAS does not interfere with network systems when files are shared as it is file-based. Network attached storage often has […]

What is a Storage Area Network (SAN)?

A storage area network (SAN) is a network in which information and serves are shared with a large group of users. This style of network is extremely fast, and gives companies a chance to increase data storage without major risk or accessibility issues. When data grows, your storage space can be increased.

What is hyperconvergence?

The definition of “hyperconvergence” is defined by Gartner as “a platform offering shared compute and storage resources, based on software-defined storage, software-defined compute, commodity hardware and a unified management interface.” Forrester expands that hyperconvergence has four key characteristics: “integrated compute and storage resources, software-defined storage, automatic discovery and configuration, and minimal management outside the hypervisor […]

What is Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure, which is also known as converged architecture, is IT architecture on a validated platform which saves you time, reduces risk, and provides your company its critical applications. Converged infrastructure, coupled with flash storage to quickly deploy a business-critical IT infrastructure, mitigates risk and lowers the total cost of ownership. Storcom understands leading technologies […]

What is IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure refers to software, hardware, network components, and services required to create, operate, and manage an IT environment. Infrastructure allows companies to deliver IT services and solutions to its employees or customers, and IT infrastructure is typically located on the organization’s premises. IT infrastructure includes the following components: