FAQ Category: Managed Hybrid Hosting

How Do We Migrate Data to a Public or Private Cloud?

Companies have several options to perform data transfers from local data centers to a public or private cloud which depends on the type of data being moved and how quickly the migration needs to be completed. A company can:

We Tried to Migrate to the Cloud But We Are Facing Problems, Can Storcom Help?

Of course! Storcom can correct poorly-executed cloud migrations at any stage in the process. In fact, we are experts in problematic migrations! There are no problems that we cannot solve. There are scenarios where a migration has been done improperly, and a public cloud can not be utilized. In these cases, Storcom has assisted in […]

How Can I Mitigate the Pitfalls of Migrating to the Cloud?

Planning and creating a cloud migration strategy which evaluates security requirements, cloud providers, data, applications, architecture, infrastructure, and performance is of the utmost importance. This is where Storcom can help! Our Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ helps you get to the Cloud both safely and securely. We help enterprises Evolve to the Cloud™, and our unparalleled white-glove, […]

What are the Challenges of Cloud Migration?

Without proper planning or a migration strategy in place beforehand, enterprises can face inoperability, lack of portability for applications and data, loss of data security and integrity, and disruptions in business continuity. These challenges can increase IT costs and negatively affect workload performance if not handled and addressed early on in the planning stages.

Will Cloud Migration Increase Business Agility?

Of course! Migrating to the Cloud increases agility, which enables your organization to move quickly and react accordingly to market conditions. Utilizing the Cloud helps organizations speed up their time to market and frees up employee’s time and resources to focus on innovation.

Can Operational Resilience Increase?

Yes! When an organization’s risk profile is reduced, then the cost associated with risk mitigation will also decrease. Also, improving uptime also reduces risk-related costs.

How Does Moving to the Cloud Save My Company Money?

When a company eliminates the need for hardware refresh and maintenance programs, then cost avoidance is successful since companies save money in resources and cost that is required to execute a large refresh cycle and data center renewal.