FAQ Category: Virtual CIO Solution

What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual CIO?

The main advantage to having a vCIO is the cost savings. The expense to hire a CIO in-house is far more than hiring a vCIO to supplement your IT needs. A virtual CIO does not have the HR, compliance, or space requirements of an office employee. This provides a predictable, fixed monthly cost that can […]

Why should I have a mobile device policy that explains cyberthreats to my employees?

It is extremely important to have a mobile device policy with the rise of IOT and the propensity for mobile devices to be used at work, known as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. While mobile devices can dramatically improve an organization’s productivity and flexibility, and can actually save companies money, businesses are opening […]

How can a virtual CIO help my IT department if I need someone to be in the office?

The term “virtual CIO” can often be misleading. While most tasks can be completed remotely, there are a host of other services that a vCIO provides that require being on-site in a client’s environment. Virtual CIOs regularly go to a client’s office to conduct employee training, provide updates and patches, and meet with executives to […]

What Does a vCIO Do?

The vCIO works collaboratively with clients to advise IT departments. Virtual CIOs perform the exact same functions as a conventional CIO, but with additional benefits and less cost and risk. Those functions include formulating strategic IT goals, planning an IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes, and facilitating changes in information technology. The vCIO can […]

What is a Virtual CIO?

Simply put, a “virtual CIO,” or “vCIO,” is a company or contractor that virtually serves as an organization’s chief information officer (CIO).