Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Solution for Global Company

Designed and Implemented a Comprehensive Hyperconverged IT Infrastructure Solution for a large global event production company

“We didn’t think a hyperconverged solution would make that much of a difference in our day-to-day administration of our environment, but we’re so glad that we went with Storcom on this project.” – CIO of a full-service global event production company

a. Business Challenges

This large global event production company had outgrown their current three-tiered virtualized storage and compute infrastructure. This client needed more capacity and greater overall performance than their existing legacy systems. They also needed better scalability and a solution that provided built-in data protection and business continuity. All of this needed to be managed with limited resources because, like most IT organizations, their staff was being pulled in too many directions to complete multiple tasks effectively and efficiently. Our client also was experiencing tremendous growth where there were multiple mergers and acquisitions taking place, and they wanted a solution that could assist with this process by ingesting the new IT departments.

b. Storcom’s Solution

Storcom worked with our client to ascertain their needs, understand growth, and develop holistic strategies for their data management. Storcom ultimately designed a solution that exceeded all of their wishes. Storcom felt that a hyperconverged solution made the most sense for this particular company for both storage and compute. Our client wanted a best-of-breed solution that provided easy-to-use provisioning of VM storage and compute, and also the ability to easily and rapidly restore the VM’s volumes or files with a few clicks of a mouse. This capability needed to be done locally as well as remotely. Our client also wanted to use this solution to make the process of obtaining data from foreign IT departments into their data center easily and with solutions replication capabilities built-in. This client’s data deduplication is now easier than they ever imagined.

c. Results

After implementing Storcom’s comprehensive IT infrastructure solution, our client’s IT operations became much more fluid. The backlog of requests for storage and compute were easily met and deployed, and Storcom’s clients were happy with the results. The company is also able to easily scale the system when they need more storage or compute by just adding the necessary resources in a building clock approach.


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