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What are the Challenges with Azure Files and File Sync?

Understanding these 5 challenges in more detail: 1. Understanding Microsoft storage account redundancy options like LRS (Local Redundant Storage) vs. GRS  (Geo-Redundant Storage) and what impact they have on your data. LRS only has 99.9% durability, so you will definitely need backups.  2. 5 TB limit per share on GRS & ZRS Storage. If you […]

What are the Challenges with OneDrive?

Here are the 3 biggest issues Storcom sees with OneDrive: 1. Data protection–  The local sync and cloud are meant as a way to have multiple copies of data. This means that you have a copy in the cloud if you lose your local copy….right? Don’t be so sure! Local sync software is imperfect and […]

How Do You Prevent Data Loss?

Since ALL tape backups will fail at some point in time, organizations are quickly learning that tape is not always an adequate form of data backup. Tape drives can malfunction without showing warning signs, become corrupted due to accidental misformatting, mishandling, heat, or being hit by a virus, and this can make it impossible to […]