FAQ Category: Systems Architecture

What is IT Architecture?

A part of “IT architecture” is improving efficiencies by restructuring a company’s resources and automating system maintenance. Organizations can save costs by reducing administrative overhead and support through automating system maintenance processes in IT architecture. Storcom can help advise you of ways to automate your IT architecture in ways like:

What is Enterprise Business Architecture?

“Enterprise Business Architecture,” also known as “Business Architecture,” defines the structure of an organization with respect to people, processes, and resources. Enterprise business architecture supports the change of an organization with a holistic approach. This service-oriented enterprise approach supports the growth of service-oriented architecture at a business level.

What is Enterprise IT Architecture?

“Enterprise IT Architecture” is defined to describe the structure and relationships between the IT systems at an enterprise level and how information technology supports a business and how it achieves business objectives. This encompasses standards and guidelines within solution architecture.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

“Enterprise architecture” defines the structure and the relationships of the company, how and which way the organization will function, and how information and information technology will support the goals and organizations of the enterprise. Enterprise architecture is an end-to-end view of the business and its employees, processes, technology, and governance within the organization in order […]

What is Solution Architecture?

“Solution Architecture” is one of the key methods where IT architecture delivers value to the organization, according to Forrester. Solution architecture activities take place during solution creation, design, and implementation. During the creation, solution architecture establishes the complete business context for a solution and defines the scope and requirements for the solution. During the design, […]

What is Cloud Oriented Architecture (COA)?

“Cloud Oriented Architecture”, or “Cloud Computing Architecture,” is defined as the components and subcomponents that are required for cloud computing. These typically consist of: front and back end platforms, a cloud-based delivery, and a network. Cloud Architecture is often encompassed by the overarching Infrastructure Architecture umbrella.

What is Security Architecture?

“Security Architecture” defines traditional IT security (firewalls, proxies, etc.) and business and information security. This also includes the organizational and relevant business services to deliver this security that is required. Security Architecture is often linked to governance in order to encompass “security management” where an organization makes decisions based on the desire to mitigate risks. […]

What is Governance Architecture?

“Governance Architecture” defines business governance (how an organization manages its overall formal and informal business processes) and traditional IT Systems management, organization, capabilities, and systems. This is critical in this day and age of increased business regulation and compliance.

What is Infrastructure Architecture?

Infrastructure Architecture, also known as “Technical Architecture,” has evolved in recent years to include two categories: physical and virtual infrastructure. Although all infrastructure defaults to a hardware foundation, the Cloud Computing revolution has propelled the complexity of infrastructure architecture. Infrastructure architecture mainly focuses on the non-functional processes of a solution. It spells out all of […]

What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture (IA), also known as “data architecture”, is defined by the structure, standards, guidelines, and relationships between information and with objects within an enterprise or solution. It is the structural design of information, how to organize and label intranets, forums, websites, and software to support usability and search ability, and brings architecture and design […]