Microsoft Azure Cloud Resources Management for Law Firm

Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Resources and File Shares for Chicago-based Law Firm Specializing in Aviation Law

“Before we hired Storcom, we were having multiple challenges trying to architect a solution. Storcom’s knowledge in this arena is unparalleled and they allowed us to move forward with our vision.” – CTO for Chicago-Based Law Firm Specializing in Aviation Law.

a. Business Challenges

This particular customer had a large amount of data residing in Windows file shares on older Windows servers that were located in 2 major cities in the U.S. Therefore, they needed to migrate off of older and unsupported operating systems. Storcom’s client also wanted to figure out how to leverage public cloud options and Storcom found a solution that fit this law firm’s needs.

b. Storcom’s Solution

Storcom leveraged Azure Files and Azure File Sync and architected a solution that allows this law firm to migrate all of their legacy file share data into the public cloud. This client ultimately no longer had to manage local resources for file sharing. As part of this solution, Storcom also leveraged Azure File Sync during the transition as the client migrated desktop operating systems to the required version. Also, it now supports SMB3 3.0 with the intent that ultimately all file shares would be directly accessible in the cloud.

c. Results

Storcom’s client now has a manageable Cloud Enablement Roadmap™ to get all of their data into the cloud. As a result, this strategy now allows them to better protect and manage their data more efficiently.

d. Tools Utilized

Storcom also utilized the following tools for this client:

  • Storcom’s Cloud Enablement Roadmap™
  • Microsoft Azure Files
  • Microsoft Azure File Sync


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